Expand on the Dependencies UI element so that it can also be utilized for linking related tasks

The task dependencies currently only have “Blocking” and “Blocked by” as options.

Please update this section to be called “Linked Tasks” (broader term) add add “Relates to” as an option.

This is super helpful to link tasks that are similar in nature or should be referenced to one another without forcing a dependency to each other.

This would also be a great workaround/technique to assign “Epics” to tasks without having to make them sub-tasks of a parent “Epic” task. Linked tasks, like dependencies are also one-to-many, which is a huge benefit.

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That is not what a Dependency is, so no. There is meaning and functionality behind Dependencies.

Although I do see a need for relational tasks and see a lot of benefit in reporting, even a graph of related work. It would help align resources based on amount of similar work. Yet this work is not blocking or blocked by relational tasks, but may block or is blocked by other work within its sphere. If I have 3 tasks to code an Asana endpoint from 3 non-related projects I can see a work graph showing the Dev Director this ‘similar’ work so they can plan better. And in your case, if an Uber Epic that may span, say, IT and Engineering, you may want to relation them for planning as they come out of the same UE or even different UEs, but are different efforts not blocking one another.

I would suggest adding this to a feature request by renaming it Relational Work.

Although, this can be handled today in Asana as a Parent task for the UE and subs for the features, then subs for the stories.

Jira has this capability, although to your point re: terminology, it is not called 'Dependencies", but rather “link an issue”, which may or may not be a dependency, related issue etc.

The key factor is usability for Asana users. This field that is currently labeled ‘Dependencies’ is in prime position on a task and could be so much more.

Not so much more. It is what it is supposed to be.

A dependency blocks downstream tasks from being started until the blocking task has delivered, BECAUSE the upstream task needs its output to be the input for the downstream task. This isn’t they are similar, or together, or linked, or anything like that. Need Output from Task 1 as Input to Task 2.

There is functionality on this in the Timeline that helps us to see critical paths and work that may stall a project due to outputs not producing on time.

Then there is notifications to blocked assignees informing them to start their work. There are also rules for when tasks are not longer blocked.

So dependencies are much more than related work. MUCH more.

You are getting hooked up on dependencies and what dependencies can do. Not denying any of their value, but rather the value in utilizing that UI element for more things.

This is a request for adding functionality for ‘relates to’, which is much more in addition to blocking/blocked dependencies because it also opens that same UI element for one-to-many linking without forcing a blocking/blocker designation.

I don’t have ability to edit/rephrase the original post, but it would look like this:

“Change the dependencies section to be called ‘linked issues’ so that this section of the UI can also be utilized beyond just dependencies to also link tasks.”

I am not getting hooked up on Dependencies and what they can do. I am telling you the definition of what a dependency is, and is not. It is created SPECIFICALLY to block work.

You want it to be something outside of PMO definition and functionality. You want to break what it is to satisfy a functionality within another system.

A dependency is not some arbitrary term. It is specific and functional within the PMO space.

I bet you are the guy that uses a screwdriver as a hammer, right? :slight_smile:

I agree that a new feature that satisfies your need is worth exploring. Just not changing the functionality of existing tools arburtraily.

You are getting hooked up on what dependencies can do because as you mentioned they can “SPECIFICALLY block work”. That is doing something (blocking work if that wasn’t clear).

I’m saying that UI element in the task page can be more than just dependencies without limiting the functionality of dependencies currently. Not sure why you can’t separate the two and want to continue trolling my suggestion.

I want it to work exactly like Jira does with it’s consolidated “link issues” functionality. Atlassian have no problem with this more flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly implementation.

Last post on this subject.

Asana is a Project Management Tool
Dependencies is a function of Project Management

Not sure why you are hooked on that it must be all things to all people.

I agree the functionality may be useful, although you can easily link to other tasks today, and a new feature should be considered for this functionality.

Just don’t hijack something that has a defined purpose and outcome.

Anyway, good idea. Wrong place to implement.

@Getz_Pro gentle reminder that everyone in this community is allowed to share feature requests that apply and matter to their specific workflow. Your vision won’t always align with everyone’s else, it doesn’t mean anyone is wrong, it just means you work differently. It’s ok to disagree and discuss, but please ensure your language remains respectful and friendly. I will not accept any intimidation or mark of disrespect in this forum.

@John_Pirrie thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we appreciate it. I have updated your level of access, so you should now be able to update your first post if you wish to.


@John_Pirrie I have a similar use case with the goal to surface more context for the current task (e.g. Lining to other tasks, milestones, conversations, and goals).
Currently there are a few workarounds that this suggestion with solve,

  1. to use a custom field and place the link in the field. The downside is that you see the link and not the task name.
  2. to use a link in the description, but then even though you can see the task name, the other task does not show a link back, this could be helpful to create mote context for the linked tasks.
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