Idea: Add "Related to" as a dependency option

Currently, you are able to add a dependency to a task. When adding a dependency, you can link it to another task stating that it’s “Blocked by” or “Blocking”. However, what if a task is just “Related to”/“Linked to” another task? It could be that you have a feature that requires several tasks so you want to link them together. You can start on any of the tasks; none of them requires the others to be done. Thus, the tasks are not per se blocking each other. However, in order for the feature to be completed, you need to complete all of the tasks. This is the reason for my suggestion of adding another option for dependencies between tasks.

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Hi @Regitze_Puck,

This sounds like connected work links that has been recently released. Have you tried to experiment with this ss a solution?

Is that released to everyone? I don’t seem to have that feature.

Hi @Kelly_Mooney Yes it should be available to everybody.
What Asana version do you use?
Can you try pasting the Asana link in another task and see if any activity comment is automatically added to the initial task?

I frequently paste links to other tasks in task comments and/or descriptions, but haven’t seen that yet. I’ve attached an image below of three tasks I’ve linked in the description of a task.

But if I go to one of those tasks, it doesn’t show the link in that task:

I just refreshed/updated my Asana this morning, so should be up to date!

Hm I see, very strange indeed as it should show. Only for people that don’t have access to the other task nothing would show but in your case it should.

In this case I recommend checking the troubleshooting steps and if nothing helps to contact support so they can take a look into your account.

Actually Connected Work is deployed to 50% of users, should be 100% by the end of the week. (source: Asana in an Ambassador thread)


Ah perfect thanks @Bastien_Siebman must have missed this. The threads I found did not mention a timeline.

Hi all – especially @Christine_Bolton mentioning the connected work links,

Thank you for your reply! I just tested the connected work links, but it doesn’t work yet for me neither (just as @Kelly_Mooney).

However, I stand by my suggestion of adding a new dependency stating something like “Related to”/“Link to”. The activity feed often get overwhelming (!) to look at when people are commenting, make changes to the task and move the task from one lane to another. Thus, the mention link in the activity feed can very easily be overlook. As of now, I rarely look at the activity feed other than for the comments (which stands our because of their prominence). I’d argue that the “Related to”/“Link to” feature is just as important details about the ticket as the description and the other dependencies. Therefore, I think the information should be located the same area – at the top of the task.