Desktop Asana app

As a Mac developer (and iOS) they should have had a Mac App using Catalyst (built into Xcode) last November (giving 2 months to get it out the door). Why, oh why, can’t we have a low-resource app that won’t quit and go away every time I have to quit my browser???

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asana just released a new integration with Microsoft Teams, and while good, having a small dedicated macOS app would go a long way. I would like to be able to have something, even if it is a web wrapper, that allows for keyboard quick entry, system notifications, and overall integration with the OS that a native app allows.

Like others have said, it has been a VERY long time and while web apps are good, they are not the end all for applications. Maybe with the new Apple software being announced on Monday, there will be some features that asana has been waiting on to bing their app to macOS.

Hey @Marie it has been over a year since there has been any update. Could you or someone provide some info if this is on the roadmap or not? A lot has changed in a year so any guidance would be helpful. Thank you!

It would be great and very helpful having a desktop app for Mac. It’s more proactive for me and my team. Why not make this a priority when users request the function @Marie? :slight_smile:

So I am guessing, and it is a guess, that since Big Sur was announced as having full support for iPad apps natively this means we will be able to finally get asana on the Mac :slightly_smiling_face:

However, it would be nice is asana did go a little further and enabled the full Mac experience in the iPad app and turned it into a Universal app.

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Hi @Will and @LCB,

This is something our team is often re-evaluating and while we don’t share our roadmap publicly, I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have some news!

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Can you please please please create a doc icon (desktop app) for Mac computer. That is the one thing that Asana really needs to do. Accessing through a web browser is not ideal.

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Hello @Marie,

Sorry for bothering you with this. I appreciate you don’t share a public roadmap because keeping exact timelines might not be feasible. However, you might want to consider sharing a high-level forecast on what you are planning to work on and implement in the next year, just to manage the user expectations.

Also, while sorting by votes in the Product Feedback category, I see that this feature is amongst the top ideas by number of votes. Does this mean that we can expect at least a confirmation that you are going to work on this relatively soon? :slight_smile:


I would also add that if something in the product feedback has one of the highest votes that the product maker should look at doing it. What is the point of having a feedback system and voting if the top items are not done, just passed over for other items?

What it seems like is just a way for the product groups to point for people to put energy into but not have any plans to do it.

Are there any plans to create a desktop version of Asana?

Hi @Shane_Mohr, thanks for reaching out!

We don’t have immediate plans to create a desktop version of Asana but this is something our team is often re-evaluating. This is also a very popular request in the forum. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Desktop Asana app to avoid duplicates and centralize feedback. We’ll make sure to update the main thread as soon as we have news.

Is this project still active? The beta subdomain for your site doesn’t seem to resolve.

Would it be possible to get a public statement from Asana on some of the reasons this fails to pass evaluation?

A desktop app is a lot of work, it’s true. But honestly, we’ve been working less and less in Asana and more and more in Slack. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Lack of a performant, dedicated desktop app for Asana
  2. Lack of developer oriented features (markdown for instance)

A dedicated desktop app (even if it’s an Electron wrapper) would mean

  • Huge speed gain: because you’re caching assets and part of the application itself locally (much better than React on web)

  • Dedicated memory and overall less end-user issues because it’s running on its own, not within a browser thread within a collection of many other tabs that are constantly being co-managed

  • No need to setup browser tab, just click the desktop app icon and go

  • Native OS notifications and updates

  • Native app-specific preferences (notifications, accessibility, localization, etc.)

  • A native search would be an immense productivity gain

Imagine all of your apps were suddenly browser only. Adobe CS, Slack, Calendar, Messaging, code editors, etc. all had to live within Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge tabs.

It would probably be a really cumbersome and non-performant way to do things.

Well, that’s what Asana feels like right now. It’s not enjoyable to use. Often I’ll write out my tasks elsewhere and just paste them into Asana at the end of the work day, for the benefit of my team.

I thought Asana would make my life easier. But it has actually just added additional overhead.


Hi @orvn,

FYI Desksana is in active development - I’m hoping to start a limited closed beta next month - and it has basically all of the benefits in your bullet points :slight_smile: (well, except for localization; that will have to wait for later releases).

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That’s awesome, I actually just signed up earlier today when I saw your comment (either earlier in this forum discussion, or in a related thread).

I’d love to be on the beta if you’re not full yet!

The sign-up page is now at I didn’t even remember that there was thing older link. That being said, the project is a bit on hiatus now, as Asana itself is a constantly moving target and we have limited resources at the moment.

Thanks @Jacob_Gorban, yeah that makes sense. Asana’s features are always moving.
That’s too bad though, hopefully you guys engage the product again soon.

I took a look at the site and while I like the idea of this, the overall UI looks nothing like asana. Not that you are building their app for them, but the emotional and visual response that asana brings does not really happen for me with an Excel type of UI. Is this going to change?

Hi @Will,

You are correct, there’s no intention or attempt for Desksana to replicate the Asana UI.

That said, it will include a lot of functionality not currently available in Asana (offline use, full subtask outlining, better display of subtasks assigned to a project, more powerful and flexible My Tasks, true desktop notifications, just to name a few).

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This is a GO/no-GO for many companies when evaluating Asana vs other options in the market.