Real time, two ways Calendar integration

They are not even trying to correct the issue. Just admit it. Don’t keep everyone hanging on to a hope of a solution within Asana and just tell them your team is not interested in fixing the issue, as you have indirectly made clear. And advise them to use a better app that does integrate with the team’s calendars or just pay the 3rd parties that Maggi has been promoting!


The problem is, it’s not just a popular request, it’s the tenth most popular based on votes.

Looking through all of the top ten requests ( ) every single one of them was raised in March, April or June of 2017.

No SaaS platform can implement all features, I get it. It’s just not possible. But be transparent as @Kimberly_Powell says, there’s only so far ‘holding pattern’ responses can go and we’re way past that point.

To be clear (if I haven’t been already) I’m not taking this out on you directly, It’s deeply frustrating being tied to a system with the knowledge that there are other options that have provided these features for years.


I got so fed up waiting for this I muted the notifications, but @Marie I am still somehow getting emails when anyone comments. My understanding is once muted that shouldn’t happen

I am so frustrated not having this feature. How can you have a task and not have a time in your calendar when you are going to do it. It’s a simple integration with google calendar to put the tasks into hours of time I’m going to actually do it. Otherwise I don’t have a view of the reality of time it will take to complete it. Please find a way to sync with google calendar.


Asana. Can we please get an update on your thoughts around calendar integration. Asana is a very good task manager with the exception of what clearly many people view as a critical feature. Namely bi-directional integration with google calendar. I personally use time blocking to manage my productivity. The ability to add asana tasks (with duration) to google calendar would be highly advantageous to my workflow (and presumably many others). This feature is available in so many other tasks apps. Admittedly they don’t offer the great features of Asana. But why on earth can’t Asana make this a priority? The lack of a more flexible calendar in Asana makes this issue all the more frustrating. If Asana offered a day/week/month view with task durations this would certainly alleviate the frustration of not having decent google calendar integration.


Hi all,

Thank you so much for all your feedback on this topic and for your patience. We’re aware this feature request is very popular among Forum Members and we’re regularly reconsidering it when planning our Roadmap. As explained in How we’re listening to your product feedback, we balance each of our decision on several criteria (resources, product development and Voice of Customer to name a few); as a result, some popular forum requests are not always prioritized as quickly as users would like to. Our Platform team is currently building exciting integrations that we believe will help you streamline your workflow (I’m hoping to have some great news to share soon!); unfortunately, this also means we were not able to prioritize a V2 of our Calendar integration allowing you to sync events both ways.

With that said, Asana is built on an open platform so when there is additional functionality that will help improve your workflow, developers can build apps to do just that. Here are some apps to check out that might help solve the issues you are facing:

Again, thank you so much for using this Forum as I primary feedback channel, while I don’t comment every day on this thread, rest ensured that I’m reading and reporting on every new post published here.


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@Marie although I can see these are really useful integrations, the frustration is, and I only speak for myself here, that having already paid a fee for a project management and productivity boosting service (Asana) I resent the idea of having to pay another monthly fee for another service to access this particular feature.

And on a slightly different note, can I once again bring it to your attention that having muted this topic, I still keep getting notifications to my email whenever anybody adds a new comment, so that I once again get wound up about a subject that I have no influence over :frowning:


Hi are you planning any exchanges here?
Project Buddy is basically useless and quite dodgy.
Skedpal is not integrating truly but is creating another work screen.

Will Asana make an integration where Tasks will sync with their actual times, when a Due Time is added?


Is the roadmap shared somewhere? I’d love to see what’s coming next that got prioritized over two-way calendar sync… Asana is amazing in so many ways, so I’m really curious what cool new stuff is coming that isn’t two-way calendar sync… For how fully-featured Asana is, it’s a little mind-boggling that its missing the ability to precisely schedule tasks into a personal calendar… so that the calendar can be used to plan work amongst the multiple other calendars and scheduling constraints that aren’t contained in asana…


How is this possible. It is the only reason why I don’t upgrade Asana… Calendar integration is core for planning! I don’t understand why your team see this. Or, there is another marketing strategy involved. Both ways, you need this to let your customer base grow expansively.


Hi All, I’ve read this thread and I tried a few options but it’s 1-complicated 2- not sure if they work well.

I implemented Premium at my office, and I really need to sync a Google Calendar. Projects managers are creating events in Google Cal, and with Zapier I can pull the events back in Asana as a task.
But if they modify the date of the event in Google Cal, I can’t figure how to sync the modification to the task in Asana.

Someone can help ?

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We also tried Zapier and could not manage to sync updates.

Hey Everyone!
I’m with zzBots. We are currently working on an integration that syncs Asana and Google Calendar together. It will sync both new and updated tasks both ways.

Please fill out this form to get notified when the integration is ready, and to share any comments to help ensure we make it work for your needs:



It’s really a huge pain to don’t have the 2 ways sync calendar. As project managers we really need to monitor workload of each contributors.


Hi @Maggie_Reddi - I am trying to integrate google cal and asana vis project buddy and having issues. Could you please send me a note? Trying to get in touch with support but not having any luck! aemerson (at)

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The integration we have been working on at zzBots is now finished.

You can fully 2 way sync between Asana and Google Calendar with zzBots.
It is near real time (syncs every 2 minutes). The sync works both ways for New and Updated tasks or events.

Here is a step by step walk through video of how to create this sync between Asana and Google Calendar:

Let me know if you need any help getting it set up.



To use zzBots for this sync, you can go to


We are working to make this sync as easy and convenient to set up as possible.
With zzBots, you can now create this same 2 way sync, but with 2 bots instead of 4.

Here is a new step by step walk through video of how to set it up:


Hi Audrey. Sorry, I’ve been MIA from the forums, but I believe you’ve already been working with folks on our team to get your calendar needs addressed. Let me know if there is anything I can do at this point.

For anyone else that needs assistance with calendar setup, please do let me know or sign up for a free trial and we will reach out to you as well.

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you are not responding to emails, is your company dead? it works only in one of 4 cases.

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