Sync to Calendar Troubleshooting

Hi Asana Community!

Ceri here from our User Support team in Dublin, with my first post! Having trouble with the Sync to Calendar feature in Asana? Here are some tips that can help!

How do I sync my Asana tasks to my calendar app?
You can find instructions on how to sync your Asana Calendar to Google Calendar, Calendar for macOS, and right here in our Asana Guide!

Is there a different calendar application that you’d like to sync your Asana tasks to but can’t see how to do it? Post below and we’ll see if we can help, or someone else in the community might already know how to do it! In most calendar apps, this functionality is known as subscribing to a calendar.

You can sync individual Asana projects to your calendar app, or your My Tasks list. It’s not possible to sync Team Calendars. Also -

  • The sync is one way. Tasks from Asana will appear in your calendar app, but events from your calendar app will not appear in Asana
  • Tasks must have a due date to sync
  • Due times do not sync. Tasks will appear in your calendar app as “all-day” events
  • Completed tasks do not appear in your calendar app. When the sync updates, completed tasks will be removed from your calendar app
  • Synced tasks in your calendar app cannot be edited

Here are some common questions we receive about Sync to Calendar - if you’re having trouble one of the tips below may help!

My calendar app isn’t updating with new Asana tasks!
Your calendar app is in charge of how often it syncs with Asana. In some apps like Calendar for macOS, you can change how often it syncs. In others, like Google Calendar, you’ll have to wait for it to update. Google Calendar updates itself once every 8 hours or so. I recommend reviewing the support documentation for your particular calendar app for more information!

I get an error when I try and subscribe to my Asana calendar from my calendar app.
Sometimes if a project has a lot of tasks, the request to sync your calendar may “time-out.” Try changing the https:// at the start of the Asana calendar URL to webcal:// and then try again.

How do I unsubscribe from the Asana calendar?
This will depend on your calendar app. I recommend reviewing your calendar app’s support documentation for information on unsubscribing from internet calendars.

I hope this helps clear up any questions you have on how to sync your tasks in Asana with your calendar app! If there’s anything above you’d like us to clarify or if you have any questions or feedback, please comment and let us know!


Why can’t we get to add the task/event to a certain time in the due date? All day events aren’t optimal. Would be an excellent way to plan in when we do these tasks in our calendar that way. Please?


One day, I hope this will be resolved. I know it’s been talked about a lot and a few developers chimed in on it when discussing the issue with instagantt (that the task doesn’t have a start time, or default length, etc.).

But just reiterating again that it would be so wonderful if that could be a thing - when I set a task for due on the 28th @ 2pm, there’s an event that’s created either at 2pm or a default time before then (like 1 hour, so 1pm).

As it stands, I really don’t see or use the calendar sync. Maybe if there was reverse functionality (like if I moved it to a set time period in the calendar or day due, it updates in Asana) I could sort of see it. Kind of like that…hours site, or something? Where you can arrange your day’s tasks and plan out your day that way.


I really would love to see times synced to calendar as well.


I agree. Any update on the ability to sync times to our calendars? Seems like a basic function of a calendar sync?


We don’t have an update at this time. Good to know you’re interested in this!


Are due times in your product roadmap? The calendar sync is essentially useless without it for time specific tasks/meetings/etc which are added in Asana. A day full of all-day events doesn’t help us organizationally!


Can you (all ASANA team) solve this issue? have been several month since the community is asking for this particular solution! Please!! calendar sync is useless without this functionality!
“Due times do not sync. Tasks will appear in your calendar app as “all-day” events”


Hi @Juan_Andres_Duarte - if you’d like to suggest a feature, please submit your feedback in the #productfeedback category :slight_smile:


The “Sync Calendar” option does not show up for me. Is it only for Premium members?

Hi @Michelle_Chung - the sync to calendar feature is not found in the sidebar. It found by using the drop down option in next to the project title. Are you unable to see the sync to calendar option there? For more info check out this nifty Guide article Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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Hi @Alexis,

My team is just exploring Asana to use in our office and when I click on the drop down option next to the project title, “Sync to Calendar” doesn’t appear for me, either. Any tips? We are trying to sync it to Outlook Calendar, to no avail.

@Sarah_Ruf for me it is an extension of Export/Print. We also use Outlook/Office 365 and it syncs one-way.

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@Crystal_Alifanow Many thanks! It worked.

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I’m pretty surprised that task due times don’t sync to Google Calendar. When will this be implemented?


100% need to sync times for meetings, trainings, etc to appear correctly in calendar. Otherwise I have to duplicate these.


Anyone looking for a third party solution can try this: We can synchronize your due dates and times into Google Calendar. It’s also real-time, and bi-directional. So you see updates in Google right away, and can also move the items around in your calendar and the due dates will update in Asana.



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Hi folks,

I added my tasks from Asana as a calendar from the internet to outlook 2010 (desktop app, not How do I make it sync with Asana?

I have the Asana calendars linked by team member. Initial syncing works fine, but the calendar does not sync with any updates beyond my initial sync.