Tasks, with date and time added in Asana are uppdated in Outlook calender (Windows 10) but time are missing.

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If that’s like Google Calendar, then Asana does not support due time in calendars yet.

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Thats sad, it should be so much more usefull to have the time in the calender.

It is quite surprising it has not been fixed, maybe there is a reason :man_shrugging:

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I’ve just hit this wall on my end also… was happy to be able to start organising work with the google calendar intergration to help me see free times in the day… was dissapointed to see the tasks show up as “all day tasks” thus rendering useless the input of a specific time of start and end… please add time synching to your intergration to google calendar !

ty and keep up the good work ASANA peeps !