Sync to Calendar Troubleshooting

Is there any way to do this in reverse, i.e. syncing an existing ical to Asana?

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@Jared_haas Were you able to get any additional syncing? I’ve only been able to get it to sync initially.



No. Im pretty sure that you have to manually sync it every time you update Asana, which is very unfortunate.

Hi Jared - how you can sync the calendar manually in Outlook, please? The problem is, that I add My tasks calendar into outlook, the tasks are synced first time but then - nothiing. I’m adding tasks in asana, changing due dates of the existing tasks - the changes are not synced into MS Outlook… I didn’t find any settings for syncing…

This seems like a major oversight to me. Everyone I know who uses this wants to sync ENTIRE TEAM CALENDARS to Google or iCal.


Any update on this feature? I’d like to avoid manually changing all the due times if possible.

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Any updates on this?

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+1. Any updates? I would find it super useful to have a task with a start date and time, and an end date/time (or duration), and sync that to a shared calendar view.


Adding myself as someone who would like to see events with a start/end time in the iCal sync :+1:

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Any updates on this?
Not being able sync calendar times is really causing a lot of clashes/issues with my other calendars. Which goes against the reason of using ASANA, which is to help with organisation.

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i wonder. do you have a scheduled task in asana to add this feature but have been unable to get it done because asana can’t correctly schedule the task on your teams calendar?

creating a task is nearly pointless if i cannot schedule it and get/set reminders in a calendar. one of the main points of project management software is to STOP DOING REDUNDANT WORK.

Please. On behalf of your customers.

Hi Ceri,

Thanks for the overview!
Like many before me I’d like to know if you have the due times on your product team’s roadmap? In order to the make the Calendar Sync as optimal as possible I believe this feature is rather essential.

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I solved the problem adding one line with ‘DueTime’ in the description and i’m using it like a tag.

Created one code using python who downloads the ics file from asana, replace the start and end with the current date from task and the time from my tag , and all the result of that I uploaded the new ics file in my fileserver and than I used this in my outlook
This code runs every 15 minutes
Sorry ASANA I solved it in 1 day !! WHY YOU CANT DO THAT IN 4 YEARS?!?!

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I’m not supposed to be sharing this for a few more hours, but Unito officially syncs Google Calendar to Asana (2 ways and it’s fully customizable)!

Game changed, mic drop.

Hey - do we have an update on the syncing issues yet? I checked my outlook folders and on the new calendar that is added whn you initially sync - it shows that the last sync was only 5 minutes ago and the total items in that folder. The new tasks are not being added - which means that this is not an outlook sync issue, it’s an Asana issue as the new tasks are not being pushed to sync folder. Anyone know how to fix this yet as it seems pretty redundant sync option since project tasks due times change very regularly! Thanks in advance if anyone is able to improve the syncing!

Heyo, are you kidding me?

This thread has been here since 2017, and this issue hasn’t been resolve or implemented by Asana?

This is such a basic function for a due time, that even todosist can do so.

How in the hell will I want an all-day event slot in my calendar which defeats the whole purpose no?

I can configure the date and due time with Asana but it doesn’t show up in outlook calendar, can someone advise whether is this resolve?

how can syncing with calendars be sooooo bad?? This is one of the biggest needs for this kind of program/software. Will This change, or should I look at migrating to a new solution??