Google Calendar integration with continued syncing?

I decided to revisit the Google Calendar integration recently (a few weeks ago). I can see all the tasks that existed at that point in time in my gcal, but nothing that has been added to gcal since then (that has due dates and fits the criteria to sync). I thought this was supposed to sync on about a daily basis, but where there are 7 tasks in Asana for tomorrow that should sync over (and they’ve been there since Monday), only 1 task is on that date in my Google Calendar. What’s up, asana?

You aren’t offering what people overwhelmingly want (real-time syncing), but you also aren’t even offering delayed syncing. Just a 1-time sync. Make it make sense, please!

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I am pretty sure it is supposed to sync. It has been down to be quite slow I believe, sometimes with several hours of wait. I’ll let Asana answer officially or @ambforumleader jump in.

I was expecting several hours… But it hasn’t updated in days, if not weeks :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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It doesn’t sync for me either. Is it possible for Asana to connect to Gcal with different method? Like todoist or clickup uses? That would be awesome! It seems like lot of people missing a good integration with Google calendar ! Thanks for your work!

Not syncing for me either on Google Calendar. But it syncs immediately on my apple iCal devices.

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Recently (the last month) a few people in my business calendars have fallen out of sync or are unable to sync at all.

I just realised today that mine has also stopped syncing.

Is there possibly a bigger issue happening somewhere in the background?

Same issue I am having. New tasks don’t synch with my Outlook. It is frustrating, I want to my boss to have see when the tasks are due, but she only uses Outlook and won’t use Asana, so the calendar needs to synch once every 24 hours at least on her Outlook. The perfect solution would be to be able to add my Asana Tasks and Sections to an already created calendar on Outlook. Anyway, I need this calendar to synch or I will be forced to stop using Asana.

Another option would be to add my Asana Account to my Calendar as CalDAV.

I too am experiencing this issue with Google Calendar. The initial sync worked correctly, but no updates have occurred since, despite having new tasks added.

I too am having sync issues. Initially synced but now sporadically some items on my project list come through while others never come through.