Syncing Asana with Google Calendar- changes don't show up!

Hi there,

I’m having troubles with syncing an Asana project to my Google calender. I added the project to my Google Calendar, so I see everything. But whenever I change something in Asana, it doesn’t change in Google Calendar… So if I move a task or change the name or whatever, it doesn’t change in my calendar. I already deleted the agenda and synced it again, but than it still shows the old data. I hope someone can help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Charlotte6,

Tasks might not update instantly, but Google runs several update every day, so your tasks should eventually show up. If they aren’t, I would recommend removing the project from your calendar and add it again, it will most likely sort your issue! You can learn more about these steps in this guide from our article:

Hope this helps!

I’m having the same problem! 24 hours and still no sync on my Google Calendar.