How to create templates for tasks

+1 to add task template feature ASAP

+1 to add this feature. It would dramatically streamline our daily operations.


+1 for this.

I appreciate the work-arounds people are posting, but you won’t believe the RAW NUMBER of work-arounds I employ on a daily basis to make this tool work (or maybe you would?). It very silly that that this tool doesn’t have a “template” task option. I should just be able to say “add this type of task” rather than keeping a project with template tasks, duplicating, moving to my real project.

Personally, I do like using the Asana import spreadsheet. That’s nice because it solves the problem for me – but it doesn’t for my organization. Asana is our tool; we don’t orient around having a “template upload spreadsheet”. We orient around Asana, and that’s where the templates should be.

That said – the solution should be inherent to the tool and operational at the organizational level, not a work-around that an individual can use just for themselves.

+1 to add this feature. this would work well for events that have similar exhibitor and sponsor packages with multiple requirements.

Yip - for sure +1 for this idea.

+1 for this idea

we need this feature for product management, it’s almost the same process everytime.

  • 1 to add this feature

A big +1 from me too.
There’s a particular innovation process we run weekly which has new tasks created in the meeting for which we’d need to select the appropriate template. We were doing this is Trello earlier which made is super simple - it sucks that it’s harder in Asana and we’ll need to employ workarounds.

Another way to standardize tasks is to use forms

This is probably the most important feature I need right now. Getting my clients to create certain tasks in a specific way is impossible without this being a feature.

+1 for this. New user and can’t believe the silliness of not have a tasks templates. Like wow. I want to have a “team” called clients, with the “project” being the client, and then every task and task section gets add specifically for that client but have to do the first work around of creating subtasks under the task, then duplicating that task, changing the file name to what I need, adding it to the “clients project” and then removing it from the “templates project” :flushed:

+1 on task templates. It seems like a basic requirement. Does Asana publish a development roadmap, and is this feature on the roadmap?

Hi @Thaddeus_Tondu,
FYI note that you can automate adding subtasks from a template with a Flowsana If-Then rule.

They do not publish a roadmap:

We do not share a product roadmap because we are unable to promise a timeline and we want to ensure that the features and updates we release are as well made as possible. We wouldn’t want to release a sub-par feature just to meet a deadline - quality is super important to us.

See this forum post for more:

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@Phil_Seeman that is all fine and dandy, but then I have to pay another platform. Doesn’t make much sense, especially with the amount of upvotes.

Welcome to Asana mate.

No, unlike other PM tools, they do not.

  • 1 here. The ability to provide templates at the task/subtask level is critical and is available in other project management software.

They’re “listening” to product feedback, yet can’t create something that was suggested a full two years ago and is something found in MANY project management software programs?

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