How to create templates for tasks

+1 for this.

I appreciate the work-arounds people are posting, but you won’t believe the RAW NUMBER of work-arounds I employ on a daily basis to make this tool work (or maybe you would?). It very silly that that this tool doesn’t have a “template” task option. I should just be able to say “add this type of task” rather than keeping a project with template tasks, duplicating, moving to my real project.

Personally, I do like using the Asana import spreadsheet. That’s nice because it solves the problem for me – but it doesn’t for my organization. Asana is our tool; we don’t orient around having a “template upload spreadsheet”. We orient around Asana, and that’s where the templates should be.

That said – the solution should be inherent to the tool and operational at the organizational level, not a work-around that an individual can use just for themselves.