Workaround for Task Templates

The great thing about Asana is that pretty much any type of organization can use and shape it to how their business runs. In this instance, some companies may utilize task templates and some may not for various reasons.

In my case, I do not utilize task templates because subtasks do not inherit parent task information (hopefully soon though!)

However, I found it useful to create a new project called “Task Library” and list all my templates out under sections instead of templates.

This way, when I need certain task templates, I would simply copy and paste them into my desired project. Or you can multi-home your projects, but if you’re like me, I use similar tasks over and over and that could get cluttered.

:star2: Another key aspect to this is to make sure you have rules applied to the project you are copying the tasks into. When you copy and paste tasks, they simply keep the text and no other aspect to them.

:star2: Have rules that have “task added to this project” triggers and actions that could be assigning tasks, adding due dates, etc.


Thanks for these tips, @Mike_Tammaro :star_struck:

Is it possible to import 2-3 separate templates into one new project, rather than just copy and paste? That way it would bring in who it’s assigned to and normal turnaround for each step.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the amazing tips @Mike_Tammaro :slight_smile: I think the above tips is very useful.