Calendar - HIDE completed TASKS

Pinging this one again - is anything in the works?

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Agreed with fellow commenters; this option was make the Calendar view much more manageable for me. Thanks!

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+1 for this Feature! You have to be able to hide completed tasks in calendar view without having to delete them. This seems really standard.

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+1 - the ability to use a Filter (specifically Hide Completed Tasks, but the whole Filter option like on the list view would be awesome) would make Calendar view a lot easier to avoid losing tasks amongst the noise.

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I very much need this

Hide completed tasks is available on board and list view. Why can’t it just be added to calendar view?

Please can we have this added. We use the Calender view in our factory for our production team to view jobs for the day and mark them as completed when they have done the job. We have tags added to each job for different to indicate various internal things and having tasks just go faded when complete is not ideal as they are still highly visible. Having these hide entirely when marked as done would be amazing!

I would also dearly like this feature

I vote for this one as well!

So…years after the initial request and still not done. This is why people are choosing other platforms over Asana. Please fix this…

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2 and a half years later, 56 votes, and lots of comments later - zip. Is there even an update from @Asana_Administrator 's? News from the product team? C’mon

Agreed. This would be INCREDIBLY beneficial coming from a small company whose users are still hesitant to use Asana. The cluttered calendar view is one of the biggest hurdles I’ve come across for getting everyone on board. We have the work around using the Advanced Search/Report feature, but that seems clunky and an extra step. Would love to see Asana make this a standard feature!

Yes, please. +1 from me, this is absolutely needed.

It would be amazing if we could get rid of completed tasks from the calendar view under “My Tasks”. I have a ton of tasks and showing the incomplete only would make my life a bit easier. I know I can see it under List View but having the same under Calendar View would help me organize my tasks a bit better without having to see all the faint completed tasks.

Agree. This is a needed productivity helper.

I would like mycompleted tasks to be removed off of the calendar or deleted. How can I dothis? I see that’s an option in the List section, but not Calendar:

Damn, you are right, you can’t… You could run an Advanced search to filter them out.

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Welcome to the Forum @Kimi_Harris and thank you for submitting your feedback!

I’m merging your post with an existing thread we have on this topic to consolidate votes. I hope it’s OK.

As @Bastien_Siebman suggested, you could use the Advanced Search Tool to see only Incomplete Tasks on the Calendar. Please have a look at the post I wrote a few days ago where I explain the steps of this workaround: Hide Complete Tasks from Calendar View

I hope you find it useful Kimi! Have a great weekend!

Ok. I tried the work around, but rather than viewing my personal calendar by the month, the results show everyone’s tasks in my company and only a weekly view. Can this be changed to see only my projects and tasks in a monthly view?

Thank you,

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Apologies for the confusion @Kimi_Harris. Please see the screenshot attached with the steps to create a report with all incomplete tasks assigned to you:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!