Printing "My Tasks"

Hi @Jacob_Laser - We were unable to reproduce what you’re describing, which means this may be a bug. As a next step could you please write to Asana’s support team at Feel free to include the information you provided here. Thank you!

@alexis I’ve reported this to support multiple times (later not showing on printed reports). Can you please give them a kick :wink:

Is it possible to print my task list and have it sorted by the various teams I’m a member of?

Asana urgently needs to improve its print report functionality and interface

This seems like an extra step. Is there anything in the future to allow for simple printing (like Nozbe does)?

Have folks tried @lpb’s Asana2Go Chrome extension? I tried it and it did a nice job of generating a printed task list.


There are NO printing options in Asana.
No, list view of events, dates/times, and tasks.
No, way to customize printing of tasks…custom fields, show up even though you have them set to hidden. Printing customization is poorly implemented or just “not” implemented.

I was able to find a decent way to print by Project in Asana.
ON the Top right, View, sort by Project, then click …, Click Print, and boom. Works for me.

(doesn’t have by user, but again, I am only printing my own)

Has there been any progress made on printing from Asana? I am evaluating the product and it seems that printing is very difficult. I have a list view on my screen that has all tasks organized in sections. I have a few custom fields as well. All I want to do is print the layout that I see on my screen and I cannot find a way to do that. I’ve added A2G and I can’t get that to do it either.

Please help, I need to be able to print if this package is going to work.

@Kevin_Griffin, It’s true there isn’t an Asana2Go standard report that attempts to exactly mimic the Asana list view itself, but have you tried one of the six different “List - …” formats available?

Here’s an Asana project alongide one of the standard Asana2Go outputs which somewhat approximates the Asana view:

Also, these can be customized (by your or me) to make them even closer.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Larry,

Attached is the screen visual that I’m trying to print. I have a few custom columns…

  1. Revised
  2. Completed
  3. Tags
  4. Responsibility
  5. Last update

Is there any way to get me close to something like this? I did not build the project with these as sub-tasks (but used Sections) because some of the articles I read said that would give me more flexibility and capability in the long run.

Let me know what you think about a report like this - or what I might need to change to make the report possible.

I appreciate your help!



Did you look at:

Out of the box, that will show all the content you have and enable you to customize to choose exactly the sort you want (probably by section) and the columns. All the custom field values are shown, though they will all appear in a single column. Duplicating and modifying this standard report into a custom one would enable you to have a column for each. There’s help, Medium posts, YouTube videos, and all the standard reports as examples for you to use, or you can hire me. At this point we should take this offline so as not to monopolize this thread with non-Asana-specific content. I’m reachable by private message here or at the links in the resources.



Thanks Larry, I’m getting closer. I’m using that Responsive list but here is the issue I’m having. I have set all the columns and sort as I’d like them. See this image.

But then I go to print and it does not print just the columns I’ve selected - it print everything. See this image.

I also tried exporting to excel and it does the same thing - exports all columns of information.

One last question. Once I get all my settings correct, can I save the report format? If not every single time I runt he report I have to set the columns that I want to see.

Appreciate all your help.



To print with just the visible columns, use the browser print (Cmd or Ctrl + P) instead of the Print command in the Interactive Table toolbar; this way you’ll only see your configured columns.

To save a different set of default visible columns, you’d want to Duplicate the standard format into a custom one that you can modify, then see in the code how it turns columns on and off and save it the way you want it. There’s some help on this available as I mentioned, but there’s a learning curve.

Please don’t reply to this message here because it’s not fair to Asana. If you have more questions contact me using .



OK So here’s another obvious use case that was identified at least 3 years ago with no forward motion, other than a kludgey workaround.

Today I start looking for a replacement.

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good wish ! so true.