Printing Reports In Asana


I have to admit that I don’t use report printing to often as I just view Advanced Searches on the screen. Having said that I find the output of the print feature to be cluttered and definitely not WYSIWYG. Are there any integrations on this or any suggestions from other users. Nothing nice and compact. I would mainly like to be able to just print the center pane.


That’s a great question, @James_Carl. I find that an export to Excel and quick formatting can help to print only the Task Name column neatly if this is the only information you need. Do you think this might work?


@Kaitie , I will have to try that. I still think using the Advanced Search but having the printout be WYSIWYG, nicely formatted with rich text would be the way to go.



I agree with James. Exporting to Excel means an extra 15 minutes or more of reformatting what you wanted to get in 10 second of just pushing print so you have WYSIWYG. When you have 20 printouts to do before lunch to deliver individual non-conformities (either by a physical print or a PDF print), that means 5 hours of reformatting. So… you’ve missed your deadline, AND… this biggest problem with exporting to Excel is that the pictures aren’t included that way. When we are giving non-conformities to suppliers and contractors, the pictures are what proves the point! Please help with a fix Asana! I love the product and am a power user. But this lack of good printing is making it difficult to encourage others in my large company to join my Asana teams. Help!


YES this is so basic - if you export to excel you get all these extra columns like when did you create the field etc - the way you folks put it is the best - should be a WYSIWYG way to just print the center panel - the tasks in the current list on your screen - in my view this is very important for making Asana the powertool it would like to be.

Thank you



Hi @Naava_Frank, If you’re willing to consider a Chrome extension (free), you may find what you need here: Free Beta: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly with Asana2Go. (Disclosure: I’m the author.)