Ability to print entire roadmap/project in one single page (List/Board)

The print functionality for Lists, Boards, and Timeline is limited as it prints multiple pages. I think the possibility of putting the entire roadmap/project in one single page, using the views of List, Board, or Timeline, would be a great enhancement. Otherwise, there is no easy way for me to communicate the roadmap with my stakeholders.

The topic here appears to have solved the issue, however it seems it is not related to printing from the aforementioned views.


Hi @Sergio6, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve slightly updated your title to make it more specific to your request. Can you share more details with us of what you would like to see included when printing a project and what would be the ideas layout for you? :slight_smile:

Thanks Emily.

For example, in the board view in Asana, I can see all sections with their corresponding tasks in columns. Assuming each section is a quarter or month, this view gives me a simple but complete picture of the roadmap and features. I would like to have the ability of printing and/or saving as a PDF that same view, in one page, to share across with stakeholders. I know it becomes more difficult the more sections/tasks you have, so perhaps the ability of seeing X sections/columns per page would be good. The same applies to the List view, where it is fundamentally the same just sorted horizontally.

For the timeline view, an analogy would be to be able to print it / save it as PDF as if it were a Gantt chart. I want to communicate what we are planning to build in the year, the duration, dependencies, etc. The Timeline view is very appealing visually and would help stakeholders understand easily what the roadmap looks like.

Asana helps me to have a mental model of roadmaps and align on it with my closest stakeholders by sharing my screen or taking screenshots. However, it is disappointing that I cannot share it with a broader audience and instead I have to do some Excel/Powerpoint magic, which duplicates the effort and does not scale. My use case is centered around sections as time periods, but I think it could apply to other use cases too.

An additional thought, I think users could select which sections/tasks should be eligible to print or not.


Hey @Sergio6 did you try Asana integration with INSTAGANNT? It’s super useful to have a jpeg or pdf of your entire project in Gantt or Workload + an Overview of various data. I find it great to create summary about WIP situation and long term plans. Let me know if you find it useful too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the additional context and for sharing your use case here, @Sergio6! I’ll keep you posted if we have news about this feature and share your feedback in our next Voice of the Customer syncs with the product team!

Adding to what @Giulia_Zamboni mentioned, you can find more information about the Instagantt & Asana integration in this article: Syncing Asana with Instagantt | Product guide • Asana