Mobile App users get NO useable Calendar view

My company is heavy on using the mobile app and we’ve invested money in Android (Samsung Galaxy) tablets, and we’ve discovered that Mobile App users do not get a USABLE Calendar view.

They get a calendar view, but it’s terrible. You cannot really see the Calendar itself very well.

What really kills them is that they cannot even open Asana via the Web Browser to attempt “use desktop view”. The moment we try to do that, we get blocked and told that we have to use the Asana Mobile app. Which, is very frustrating, because the desktop site has a USABLE Calendar view but the Mobile app doesnt. The Asana website detects that we’re using a mobile device and just cripples our access.

We have some users that have Chromebooks with even smaller screens than the Galaxy Tablet, but since the Chromebook doesn’t seem to trigger this same automated block, they can open in browser and view the desktop version of the Calendar view just fine, and it’s acceptable.

Please fix this.

I agree, we are doing the same thing with our company and the calender is not usable on mobile app

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