Pitch for a more fully-functional iPad Pro app

I find myself using my iPad Pro more and more, especially with apple pen and keyboard. With iOS 11 and true mult-tasking and more multi-touch features on the way this fall, I’d like to make a pitch for a more fully-featured iPad app.

While some of these features don’t make sense for an iPhone, I think with a larger display they would be really nice. In addition, the “request desktop site” version of Asana on iPad (on either chrome or safari) just does not work very well. Just try using a keyboard shortcut…

I am surprised that some basic features aren’t supported, such as:

  • In My Tasks, being able to see anything in “Later”, or being able to move anything from later/upcoming/today (key for a daily review and prioritization) using Tab+Y, +U, +L
  • see project list in tag view favorites
  • Move tasks around in tag view favorites list
  • move favorites around in project view list
  • move projects around in project view list
  • multi-select items and perform / in any way possible - check boxes
  • Fully support iOS 11 multi tap to select
  • See projects and tasks with colored bubble to the right in my tasks view
  • see later and upcoming

I Could not agree more. Tablets and phones may have the same OS, but the tablet is more like a computer than a phone. Tablets deserve an identical user interface to that of the desktop browser version, especially a tablet that is as powerful as a iPad Pro.


You get all my votes! I’m in the process of moving to have my iPad Pro as my primary computer. If I can’t get the full functionality of the asana the I get on my MacBook I’ll have to drop asana and shift to a product that does not cut down functionality on an iPad


I totally agree! What I miss most is the “Team calendar”. I use it a lot for rescheduling the planning for my team. Would love to see this happen in the iPad Pro app as well.

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We should also be able to get to the desktop view without having to buy a third party app.


Yes. iPad is my notebook now, and I do most of my emails and calls on it. I need a fully-featured app on an iPad. Tried to find third-party alternatives but there is nothing in the App Store. Need a desktop experience on an iPad, because now I can’t even check tasks that I’ve assigned to other people… Very limited use. Sometimes have to log in through Safari to get the thing done, but web app is not optimized so the experience is glitchy and buggy.

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Absolutely. I, like a growing number of people use my iPad like a laptop and I don’t understand why they remove very basic functionality. Its not a phone, its a tablet!


Yes, indeed iPads with Apple pen are great for work, writing and drawing. But not all iPad models support Apple pen. So first make this sure before a next move.

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At least please allow ipad pro users to use asana on SAFARI, instead of automatically move us to ASANA inferior app

Hi everyone, I’m excited to share we just launched a new redesign to the Asana app for iPad! With this update, we launched a new navigation bar:

In addition to this, when the app is in split view and if Asana is shrunk, the tab bar adapts to what we show on phones:

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via our Mobile category and if you have any requests which were not addresses with this update, please create a separate thread in the Android & iOS - Feedback :slight_smile: