iPad Landscape View - iOS App Improvement

Been using Asana for the last few years now between web and iOS. Would love to see the Asana mobile app be upgraded to make better use of an iPad in landscape mode.

The iPads have so much more screen real estate than the phones and could have better utilization of space. My main suggestion would be when the iPad is in landscape, to make the tasks open in split screen like on the web. Task list on left and then details on right once you click on a specific task.

I use Asana on a 9.7" and 12.9" iPad, both have more than enough width in landscape mode to support this. This would also lead to greater UI continuity between the web version and the mobile app.

Going further, you could have the projects pop out on a tray on the left side of the screen.

Keep up the good work, folks.


I agree with John’s suggestion, but also to have it implemented on Android (or any landscape capable device for that matter).

I have put the suggestion forward to Asana in the past and it was indicated that they would look at it, I haven’t had any update to date on any progress.

I’m totally agree on here. Use iPad Pro 99% of time and didn’t regret a second after switching to it from laptop or iMac. It’s fast, convenient and very easy to use. The only thing that drags me back usually is Asana that is our main working space.

And there are so many things you can upgrade in here, like layout. As a topic starter said, there are so many space on iPad landscape mode, you need to use it the best way.

Also, I was surprised not being able to see a dashboard. I mean most of people use iPad as a companion tool for main office laptop and that’s why a lot of PM solutions create laptop fully used version and a special iPad version just for quick views, like dashboards. So you did it different. Is it a reason for that? Or you just need more time to update iPad version?

And I would be also extremely happy if you can adjust some crucial bugs in iOS 12 Beta. I know, it’s too early to use it. But we work in software development industry as well and almost everyone I personally know already there xD It’s very well done on iPad so would like to stay here. And Asana works not that bad at all here with just one, but CRUCIAL bug, that don’t let you use it. You can’t comment any task. You just don’t have this field at all.

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My iPhone 7plus has a large screen. Still, I can only see a very limited number of characters due to the portrait orientation.
I’d love to get Asana Landscape option. I then could see the whole description.

(B.t.w. Also for the company I work where tasks have it number from meeting minutes.)

Hi there, what about adding landscape mode for the iOS/Android app? With more big screens displays it will be usefull feature (don’t forget Basecamp, Trello, Todoist, Favro, Monday etc., all they have a landscape mode).

Hi @Oliver_Jakubik :wave:t3: Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have an existing thread on his topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread, to gather conversation and votes around this topic! I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update on my end!

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IOS landscape view please!