Asana out of the screen on IPAD Pro

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
The Asana screen is not fully displayed on the ipad screen. Other websites ar ok.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Asana app.

Browser version: IPAD Pro 12.9", IOS 14.1, Safari 14.1

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Julien_RENAUD and thanks for the report.

  1. Can you confirm if you’re using the Asana app or the web version via Safari?
  2. Could you please send us a screenshot of what you get on screen?

Thank you, looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Marie

  1. Web version via Safari
  2. See image below

Thanks @Julien_RENAUD! One more thing, can you confirm if this is happening with another browser too?

And do you use the split screen option on your iPad?

When Asana is opened via Chrome then the installed app is automatically used.
My client doesn’t know anything about split screen option, and he encounters the issue only with Asana.

If he reduces the left panel, then he can see the right of the screen which was non visible before.
Could be a responsive design issue or something like this?

Thanks @Julien_RENAUD, I’m not sure what this issue is, but this additional info is super useful so I’ll go ahead and file a bug for our team to investigate!

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Any news?

Not yet @Julien_RENAUD, I’ll keep you posted as soon as I do!

Hi @Julien_RENAUD,

Our team believes this could be related to another Safari issue where the main pane will sometimes expand beyond the window until you refresh the window.

Could you please give this shot and let’s know if it resolves the issue temporarily? Thanks!

Hi @Marie
The page refresh does not change anything. To be able to see the right side of the Asana page, it is necessary to close the left panel of teams and projects, and then you can access the profile photo for example.

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Thanks @Julien_RENAUD, I’ll report back and keep you posted!

@Julien_RENAUD, our team is unable to reproduce this issue; see a screenshot from on of our engineers iPad Pro 12.9 2020 (14):

Our team suspect this issue might be related to some zoom/accessibility settings. Could you please check if your customer has any custom accessibility settings or any zoom on the device or page?

Thanks for your help!