Organize day on the webapp and the iOS app with landscape mode


Hi there, first I would like to say that Asana is an amazing tool that I have been using for about 2 years now and that I couldn’t imagine being productive without it! They are a few features that I think could make it even better (making me even more efficient)
• It would be nice to be able to organize the order of the tasks that are asigned to you either on the list view and on te calandra view (the calandra view being my favorite). This way it would allow the user to plan the day more efficiently by organizing the task that are due.
• Using Asana with my coworkers I constantly switch between the company projects and my personal projets. It would be a huge time saver if we could copy a task from on one side to the other.
• I also like using the iOS app however I miss the calandra view the way it’s displayed on the webapp, it could possibly be implemented by using the phone on landscape mode allowing for a full week to be display. Also it would be really helpful if the task list on the iOS app would display off the task title and the general task it belongs to, the same
Way it’s displayed on the calandra view of the webapp.
I hope this feedback finds you and thank you for creating this great app!