Feature Requests (iOS): Reorder subtasks



Our company’s primary use of Asana is on mobile devices (iOS) in the field. We also primarily use boards instead of lists. One thing that would be really helpful is to be able to drag-and-drop reorder subtasks within a task. We often have a parent task that contains many subtasks and we use the order of those subtasks to prioritize them. Doable on desktop, but not on mobile app. Bringing it to mobile app would be awesome.

Second one: on notifications, it would be sweet if on the mobile app, the notification for the completion of a subtask included the name of the parent task as it does in the inbox on the web app.

We’re loving the product and keep coming up with ways to enhance our use of it. We’re a little different in that our usage of Asana is probably 90%+ on the iOS apps and 10% desktop web app. Bringing more of the desktop functionality to the web app would be really amazing. Keep it up!


I agree, Patrick. The ability to reorder subtasks on the mobile app would be great. It would especially be welcome, since when adding subtasks on the mobile app, it orders them descending (latest to earliest). When I’m adding subtasks, I add them in the logical order. So, once I’m done adding them, they are in the opposite order as desired. So, I have to go to my laptop to reorder them. Ugh.


I also Agree, our team is moving to iPad Pro’s and the sorting on iOs is a must have.


We really need this feature too. It seems very counterintuitive having to remember to open my computer to reorder the subtasks I just created on my iOS smartphone :frowning:

Since tasks can be reordered on the iOS Asana, why not subtasks?