Introducing a newly redesigned my tasks on mobile! 📱

Hi Asana community!

Today, I’m excited to share that we’re testing an exciting product update aimed at enhancing your mobile experience in Asana – introducing the all-new My Tasks view for the iOS and Android apps! :iphone:

Your feedback has been invaluable, and we’ve been hard at work to make your task management in Asana on the go even better. Many of you have pointed out that the current Grid View on mobile can feel a bit confined, limiting the vertical space and causing a less intuitive experience for mobile users. We’ve heard your concerns loud and clear, and we’re excited to introduce this new version as part of our testing and iterative process.


Swipe left for more actions and swipe right to complete a task::


Drag and drop to reorder tasks:

Long press for more actions:

We can’t wait for you to explore and enjoy the improved My Tasks mobile view. Your feedback and questions are incredibly important to us, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us! :slight_smile:


Great! Really useful improvement in the UX. I can’t wait to see that. At this time, it is not available on Brazillian App Store.

Hi, This update is absolutely driving me crazy, unfortunately. I loved the way it was before and now it’s much less functional for me. The main issue I’m running into is that I can no longer update multiple items at once. I often need to move multiple tasks from one day to the next at the end of the day and now, it appears that my only option in the mobile app is to move them one by one. I really hope this is fixed ASAP. Is there any way I can go back to the previous version??


The subtask portion is not a good update. It now only shows 3 subtasks and you have to click show more and then view all to see all subtasks. This is likely be a horrible experience with many people missing all of the subtasks under a task.


Hi, I don’t find the new version to be as usable in a fast paced environment. For one with the tasks taking up more space I’m limited to how many I can see at one time, also it takes much longer to change the due dates. Several of my coworkers agree. We prefer that the due date be set to the side instead of under the heading. Is there a way we can have the option to use the old layout?


Totally agree! I often have 20-30 tasks a day. This view makes it so hard to function and see many things.


Is this update available in Australia?
It doesn’t seem to work for me. Both left/right swipe has task completion action. Long press just opens up the task.

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback with us! I’m going to share all your comments with our product team so they can consider them when analysing the results and deciding to iterate and ship this update.

@Prashil_P we are gradually rolling out this update and it’s not available to all customers yet. I will comment on this thread once we have more details about the full roll-out.

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I’m flummoxed by this update. I can see only a few tasks at a time, rather than being able to see many as I could with the previous version. Seeing only a few is a hindrance, I will constantly be scrolling up and down to see more. It also makes manually reordering tasks onerous, something I do many times every day. The update makes things difficult enough that it essentially breaks my workflow. I’m so disappointed.


This update is causing me anxiety.

Every task now takes up 3 lines instead of one. And there are no options to change the look at all. I opened a support ticket because I thought it was a bug.

PANIC!!! I’m sorry to be a downer, but this ruins my day.


While I am not a heavy mobile Asana user, I personally love this new My Tasks list design and the tap/swipe controls, it’s less overwhelming and you can see all the info without having to scroll horizontally, which was not a good experience for me. The new filter controls on the bottom left corner are awesome!

The new mobile format is horrific. I just spent two hours downloading other apps to find something that can recreate what I had on Asana before. Instead of seeing a dozen tasks at a time, and being able to scroll to a date and easily see all the tasks for that day on one screen, now only a tiny fraction of tasks fit on the screen, and tasks take up three lines! I desperately want the ability to return to the old format.


Like others here, I’m not a fan of this update and prefer the previous design.

I much prefer seeing more tasks at once on a device with a small screen like a phone, both 1) for scanning/finding tasks, and 2) for drag and drop reordering, both to avoid excessive scrolling.

It’s always easy to tap a task to see that task’s detail, in both the old and new interface, but with the new interface, there’s no recourse for those of us who want to see more tasks at once.

I hope you’ll consider adding a one-line-per-task option back asap.




This is still a problem this morning. And it’s ruining my day again.


I find this new UI very frustrating. Is this in a/b testing? If so can I please get off the track with the new changes? If not, please reconsider.

I find these changes inefficient, as most of the time spent in in the My Tasks view on mobile is about maximizing the number of tasks I can see to quickly consider and organize my upcoming priorities. Suddenly with this update the number of tasks I see at once is greatly reduced.

You’ve described some enhancements I’d like to be able to do more while on the go, but the change to the display of each item, making them take up so much vertical real estate is a breaking miss for me.

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Is it possible to un-roll this update from me? I’m generally a huge fan of Asana and usually love using it to manage my work and personal tasks, but these changes to My Tasks have fundamentally undermined the UI view I previously used and enjoyed most. I’d really like to get off this version ASAP if at all possible.

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Hey Dylan! Get those coworkers in here to share their feelings, as it usually takes a fair bit of noise to get any traction if you wanna see changes get through.

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Is there any way to roll back to the other version? Is this change permanent now?

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Hello everyone,

Thanks again for sharing your feedback about the recent My Tasks redesign on mobile! Here is an update and the next steps for this launch.

We have thoroughly analyzed the results of our test, and it’s evident that the updated version is providing significant value to our customers. However, we acknowledge that the increased density has posed some challenges to your mobile productivity.

Your frustrations have not gone unnoticed. In response, we are actively developing a Compact Mode for My Tasks on mobile. This option will restore the higher task density that you prefer from the previous version. We’re committed to delivering this solution, and we anticipate its launch in approximately one month.

Rest assured, our product team is closely monitoring the feedback in the forum while working on further iterations for the new mobile My Tasks experience. We will keep you posted as we roll out the new compact mode. Thank you for your patience and valuable input!


Hello there, as announced on my previous comment, we are rolling out a new compact mode for My tasks! You can enable it from the overflow menu in the top right of My tasks, see more details in the screenshot below:

This option is currently available on the iOS app, and it will be available for Android users in a few weeks, stay tuned!

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: