Check out the latest updates to our Asana mobile apps!📲

Hi Asana Community!

My name is Erica, and I’m a Product Marketing Manager on the Asana Mobile team. I’m excited to share several updates for our Asana mobile apps, which will help you focus your work day in just a few taps!

Wish you could quickly organize your work in the way you want from your mobile device? You will soon be able to multi-select tasks in My Tasks or Projects for iOS and take bulk actions, including changing the section, due date, or assignee. And by installing our Today Widget for iOS, you can view or edit tasks due today straight from your homescreen!

You can also pass work back and forth with your teammates in one swipe with Inbox Follow-Up Tasks! Swipe left on any Inbox notification to create a follow-up task or mark it as unread to address later. Want to give kudos instead? Now, in addition to viewing Appreciations on your mobile device, you can send them!


Finally, we hope you’ve been enjoying our mobile apps’ faster speeds and new views for editing Tasks and Subtasks! You can put all the info you need in your tasks, even when you’re on-the-go!

Do you have any mobile rituals that help you start or end the day focused? We’d love to hear how you’re currently using our mobile apps to help with this! And stay tuned for more mobile app updates coming soon!



Wuhuu great to see that more improvements are being made to the mobile app.

Now one thing that would be really important to have on mobile also is to be able to create tasks from templates and to duplicate tasks but I know that a topic has been already created reg this :wink: Would be great if that can be implemented soon.


I hope you fix the bugs soon. On iOS 14.6, any time you scroll when searching for a task, the screen goes blank. It’s almost impossible to find anything because you can only see the first few items that appear when doing a search.

Oh, this is only for apple people. boo. :upside_down_face:

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We are working on more updates for Android too! Stay tuned for news in the #announcements category!

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Hi @Adrienne_McCue, Inbox follow-up tasks, Appreciations, and Task Editing are available for Android too!

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to the iOS team for this one. The change to the list view (and the loss of swipe actions) was painful for me, but this replaces that lost functionality with something even better!

The change to the new my tasks has been had its pain points, but there have been several recent changes that have made big improvements!

I, for one, love this change!!


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