See what’s coming to our Asana mobile apps!📲

Hi Asana Community!

It’s Erica, a Product Marketing Manager here on the Asana Mobile team! I want to share a few updates that are coming soon to our Asana mobile apps, many of which were influenced by feedback we received from the Community! So thank you for sharing, and keep your feedback coming!

We’ve made Boards, Messages, and push notifications even better, so you can manage your team’s work more efficiently from wherever you’re working:

  • With our improved Boards for iOS and Android, you can more easily visualize the work, so you know what’s happening, when. Your tasks will now show complete; custom fields; date ranges; and comment, subtask, and like counts!

  • We’re testing Messages in the bottom navigation bar on iOS so you can connect about the work 1-on-1 and make decisions even faster. Retrieve or send messages to one or more teammates, and use @mention to link to relevant tasks or projects.

  • Push notifications across iOS and Android are more timely, so you can let Asana do the nudging and make sure your team never misses another deadline. Get notified at the exact time tasks start or are due!

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 14.39.40

Finally, be on the lookout for a few other features that will be rolling out before the end of the year:

  • We’re launching Dark Mode for Android!

  • Our new color palette, which we introduced on our website and the web app, will be visible on iOS and Android too!

  • You will be able to assign a task to a section in My Tasks directly from the task itself! This update is designed to replace ‘Mark for’, which we deprecated a few months ago.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 14.40.21

If you have questions or feedback about anything we shared, we’d love to hear from you!



Thanks for these changes. I’m not sure if this is the right place to pose this question, so feel free to redirect, if not:

I forward a lot of emails into Asana to get tasks into my list. When I triage them, I need to switch the project from “@inbox” (my name for the project where emails land) to the appropriate project. To do so, o have to scroll past the entire email (which shows up as the description) to get to the project field. Is there any way I can move that field up on mobile? (It’s not an issue on desktop where project is ahead of description.)

I appreciate any ideas you have.

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Thanks for these mobile updates. Making the Messages menu available on the mobile navigation bar is really helpful and easily accessible.

Regarding the new dull colors palette on the mobile app, I beg you to please give us color themes to choose from on both mobile and desktop. We have been experiencing the new colors on desktop for several weeks now and still can not get used to them. The Asana experience and the mood of the app have changed for the worst ever since this new color palette rollout. I have already voted here Implement Asana Themes


It would be really nice to see some improvements in the Widget section (iOS) as at the moment this is not very useful :frowning: . For instance, there is no way to influence what widget will show, apart for what is hardcoded. It would be really nice to have options like sort order, filter (project; assignee; due-date…) to be abble to customize it. Today widget even don’t show overdue tasks :frowning:

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I completely agree. The new colors make Asana less…engaging. I actually want to spend less time in the site. I hope you consider reverting back to the old palette or implement the option to manage your own.


It’s like Asana had to dull down to appeal to enterprise customers. Very dull and muted.


Hi @Erica_Conti , is the edit and consult of forms in project will be available soon on mobile? This is a big inconvenience for clients who works a lot with forms… Thanks!


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Audrey_Patry-Herard! As it stands, we don’t have immediate plans to implement the option to edit forms on mobile or view them without the link. I just noticed we don’t have a thread in our #mobile:androidios-feedback category, could you create one so more customers can upvote for this feature? We will also make sure to keep the thread updated if we have news in the future!

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Huge thanks for this!


This is awesome!


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