Our iOS app has a new look - time to your update your app!

Hi folks,

On behalf of our iOS Team, I’m excited to announce that we’re updating our iOS app. This new version focused on refreshing the look of the app and ensuring consistency across views. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!

Here is a quick recap of what has changed:

  1. We’ve created a new Home Tab in which you will find all your Projects and Portfolios. Three views are available: Favorite, Recent, and All.
  2. We’ve added new headers to each view.
  3. We also introduced a new Project Menu which makes it easier to move between project views and add project metadata.
  4. We’ve revamped the Account screen and made it easier to adjust your settings, switch between domains and invite new colleagues into your Organization/Workspace.
  5. Inbox is easier to scan and now supports swipe.
  6. Finally, we’ve also done some general UX cleanup, awesomeness, and polish across the app.

Please note that we’re rolling out this new look gradually, so if you’re not seeing it just yet, don’t worry you soon will!

Hope you enjoy this new look. And as always we look forward to your feedback and questions in the comments below.

Have a great day!


Looks great! Can we expect some of the same functionality to come to Android as well?

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This is something our Android team is looking into, but we don’t have any precise timeline to share at the moment; I’ll make sure to share more info in the Forum as soon as I have some updates on my end!

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@Marie, in your original post, #5 mentions that inbox “now supports swipe”. Could you please provide some more details about this feature? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else, nor do I see how to use it within the app.

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Hi @Scott_Frantz,

See “Swipe to Complete” on this page:

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman. I believe the “Swipe to Complete” is for use on tasks in your task list, projects, etc., which I don’t believe is a new feature. The feature that I’m referencing though is @Marie mentioning “Inbox is easier to scan and now supports swipe”, which sounds as though “swipe” should now be possible from the Inbox tab as well. However, when I select the Inbox tab, I don’t see an option to “swipe”.

Ah, good point, @Scott_Frantz, sorry!

I’m not seeing that in my iOS app, either - I suspect it’s because we haven’t gotten the change yet - note Marie’s comment:

@Phil_Seeman, good point. I was assuming the features would be rolled out collectively, so I was expecting to see the swipe feature since I see all of the other new features already. To your point, I’ll give it a little while longer and then check back…

HI @Scott_Frantz and @Phil_Seeman, providing the new Inbox version has been rolled out to your account, you should be able to use the swipe option to move from a notification detail back to your Inbox. I don’t believe the swipe feature allows you to archive or create a follow-up task, but just to be sure I’ll check in with our iOS team! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Marie, will check it out!

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