Asana Release Notes November 2020

Hi folks,

Please find below our release notes for this month:

  • Unread filter in Inbox : Use the new “unread” filter in your Inbox to easily focus only on notifications you haven’t reviewed yet. Check out these 5 tips to manage your Inbox.
  • Link multiple form responses to task titles : Link multiple response fields to a form submission title, enabling you to more easily triage responses. Learn about form settings.
  • Asana widgets for iOS : Use the new Asana iOS widgets to view your daily tasks and capture new tasks from the orange quick-add button with a single tap. Learn about iOS widgets.
  • Create follow-up tasks from Android Inbox : Quickly create follow-up tasks from Inbox on Android. Download the Android app

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below :slight_smile:

As a reminder, you can find all previous release notes here!


Hi Marie! Not sure if this is the right place but I have just gotten the Asana email about the new board features - which look so good! How do I get our Asana to update to these new features?? Many thanks

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HI @Saranne_Wentholt, this specific update has been rolled out to all our members. If you’re struggling to identify specific features don’t hesitate to create a new thread in the #tipsandtricks so we can give you a hand with that!

Are there any plans to adjust the widgets to maybe show other things aside from Tasks due today?

For instance, I could see a condensed portfolio view as being beneficial, or the ability to filter for past due tasks in a particular project, etc.

Great question @Ben_Brenner! We don’t have immediate plans but our team is always considering adding more options to the widget. We have an existing thread on this topic, I suggest you to upvote here: [iOS 14 Widget] Add the option to see more tasks instead of just tasks due today (All tasks, due this week etc.)

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