[iOS 14 Widget] Add the option to see more tasks instead of just tasks due today (All tasks, due this week etc.)


On the new iPad OS (14.2) the Asana widget only displays ‘Today’ tasks.

Is there anyway to have expanded views? All tasks, due this week etc.

Appreciate any help.


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum, @Daniel_Tomlinson! :wave: The new widget on iOS 14+ currently only shows an overview of the tasks due today. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to our feedback category and I’ll let you know as soon as we have any news about the option to see all tasks or due this week in the iOS widget. Don’t forget to cast your vote! :slight_smile:

I want to be able to select which project the new iOS widget displays. For example, rather than showing what’s due today, I just want a snapshot of my list in a project.

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Hi @Tom_Metcalfe, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with [iOS 14 Widget] Add the option to see more tasks instead of just tasks due today (All tasks, due this week etc.) to centralize feedback.

Yes, or at the very least be able to summarize items that are due (or past due) consistent with how the app summarizes “Today”.

Some more feedback for the product team: Things app has the most flexible pattern for selecting different views for their widget.

I’d love to see this kind of flexibility in the Asana widget.

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When are you thinking that we will alble to see “all task” instead “today task” ?

Hi @Luca_Usai, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature and I’m afraid I don’t have updates yet. I’ll keep this thread updated if we have any news!

Microsoft To-Do has the feature where you can Edit the widget and select the list you want to appear. Asana still only has today view… Switching to Microsoft I go!

@Tom_Metcalfe I do see a benefit to having more flexibility in how widgets are set, but sacrifice it all for this gain elsewhere?

I’m not sure I would prefer to see anything over today’s tasks in a widget. It’s the best mobile indicator IMO. For the time being, I just jump into the app if I am curious to see something else.

For what it is worth, this thread got my vote. The flexibility would be nice. Especially, if a 2nd widget could be produced.

It seems a bit crazy to me that the widget, even in its current incarnation, does not allow me to see tasks that i have marked for “Today”; only those due today.

I too would like to see more control on what tasks are shown in the widget. At the very least the today widget should show tasks i have marked for today!!!

I like the idea it being more configurable. But for me it’s not plausible why the due date is used for iOS

Even though it’s not perfect on Android either at least I can select the project and it’s specific list I want to display. This enabled me to see the task I organized I my backlog or planned for the week. Especially private I don’t have due dates for every task but a priority

Really looking forward to the widget getting improved. Right now I don’t get value out of it unfortunately