Implement Asana Themes

I think defining custom colours would end up in pure chaos. Just think about all team members having their own feeling about colors. In the end there would be hundreds of colors within one workspace.

Instead I would suggest implementing themes, so everyone can choose his favorite perspective without messing up the whole workspace. In that case 10-20 colors would be translated based on a theme.

Thanks for your feedback, @Mario_Haarmann! That’s a good idea. We currently have a thread requesting Custom Backgrounds but we don’t have one requesting Asana Themes. I’ve gone ahead and moved your comment to the #productfeedback category so other customers can upvote.


Really like this approach of allowing for customization, but keeping consistent within a team.

Add note here as well as I think it would solve issues and feedback share on latest color change.


I see your point about chaos. I think if the custom colors could be set in the Admin Console and everyone on the team had to use the ones established there, that would be fine, but in lieu of that, the option to go back to a “bright” theme with higher contrast between colors would fix the usability problems we’re having with the new palette.


Agreed, not a big fan of this current theme. Having the opportunity to customize my organization’s instance of Asana based on pre-determined themes would be much more impactful. And please bring back Asana’s previous palette.


Agreed! To allow the users to choose a custom color palette would be a great idea.

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I join in. The drab colours we have at the moment don’t make working very pleasant.


Themes are a great idea! Please include this one! :wink:


This was by far the best color palette so far! Also with consistent font color. Pure beauty.
Thanks for adding this information.


I love this color palette, Karen! I would definitely be in favor of this theme option.

Ever since Asana switched to muted colors (I refer to it now as the “Great Depression” theme) and removed the special effects (where are my beloved unicorns!?), I don’t enjoy using Asana. These features are what makes Asana stand out from other project management platforms.


“The Great Depression” theme is a PERFECT label for the new colors Hannah! :joy:
Our team is still struggling with the new roll out. I can’t understand why anyone thought that would be a good idea. Our tasks should inspire Energy, not yawns :yawning_face:


Yes please, I think having themes would be the best solution, but ultimately any change that can be implemented the quickest (ie. rolling back or custom colors) would be preferable. The new colors make the Asana experience unpleasant for me - I find it less easy to find things at a glance.

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Having colorful theme options would be so helpful! New to Asana and I was so disappointed to see the lack of color in the interface. It’s my biggest holdup to moving to the platform. White cards on an almost-white board are so hard to see and do little to help visualize the work. Just looks like another too-full and uninspiring list.

Would love to see either colored backgrounds or colored cards based on some preset themes!

Only here becuase this feature is now necessitated by the forced color change to the dull color scheme. All we ask for is an option to choose which version we use. Custom or additional themes would be interesting eventually, but really just the option to choose the new “muted” color scheme or the old “bright” scheme would be satisfying.


One thing I don’t get was that statement:

Please note that to ensure a consistent user experience, we’re not providing an option to revert back to the previous colors.

But yet the Asana app on my Phone the colors are very bright?



Also the emails I receive from Asana still use the bright colors so I don’t understand the whole “consistent user experience” bit, it’s anything but that.


Via a bugreport that I issued myself, I had to find out that Asana is rolling out a new theme for their product. Why? The old theme was beautiful and vibrant. This new one is dull and boring.

While I value their constant efforts to upgrade and develop their awesome product, I don’t like the direction this theme is going. Its dull, flat, with pastel colors. The previous vibrant modern colors are going away. The grays in the new version are dulled down, removing any hint of color they had. The active blue color is no longer vibrant, but a boring programmer blue… like we used to have in programs back in the 80’s.

A solution would be, to keep the old theme available, and have people choose which version they want. This way, users like me (and all that agree) can keep the vibrant version of Asana alive.

I’ll still keep using the system, cause I love it. I’ll probably get used to the new theme in a few months time. But I’ll somehow miss the vibrant progressive feeling, that this was a fun product to use. The new one does not feel that way.

Below an example of the old (top) versus new (bottom) themes. Which do you prefer? Want the old one to stay? Want the old one to be available as a choice inside the settings? Let me know in the comments, up-vote this request.


Hi @MakePixelsWork, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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I read in the thread that Asana will not revert back to the old colors. So will we have a theme version available, and if so, will the old Asana come back? I was not interested in a theme to set my own background… but to have the colors of the bright Asana.

The new colors just rolled out for me last night, and I am so sad and agree with so many others that I can not differentiate color signaling well enough anymore. Please give us a choice of themes Asana. :pray: This will honestly affect me referring Asana to others from now on until changed because it makes that much difference.