Changing the Font and Styles


I’m getting old and I struggle to read some of the text in e.g my conversations in Asana. I don’t like the font either. Is there a way to change the look and feel of Asana for all users as I find the text throughout too small ? Thanks

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Hi Mark,

At this time it is not possible to change the font and styles in the app. However, feel free to post in the #productfeedback category if this is something you’d like to see :slight_smile:


The unofficial way is to use a Chrome extension like Stylebot and do your own custom CSS. But don’t tell Asana I told you.


Hey @Mark_Wright,

Asana changed the Font that used for performance reasons.

the community has already uploaded some styles for Stylish at Website Themes & Skins | and you will need a Chrome Extension as @Bastien_Siebman already suggested. Maybe you can create yours and increase the font size.

ps. The font-size at Conversations section is small for sure. You are not getting old :stuck_out_tongue:


Please consider hiring some “old people” at Asana especially in the department for UI, UX, or whatever the current nomenclature is. Light gray fonts and small type can be tough to read. It’s not really a feature request so much as a a design thinking, engineering design process, or human centered design question. But I love your product!


If you want to be in compliant with Best Practices for people with disabilities you will make sure larger text is included in your toolbox. :slight_smile:


I just started ramping up Asana with consulting clients and it is tough enough to get them to leave email now the text is so small it makes it a very difficult sell.
I am not so pregnant yet with Asana so I may have to switch. Please fix the text, this is fundamental to the usefulness of your product.


I would LOVE to be able to bump up the font size a bit. Definitely a problem.


Please allow editing the font style and size.


I have found Ctrl-+ (plus) and Ctrl-"-" (minus) and Ctrl-0 (zero) to be useful to some extent. Works like Chrome zoom in, zoom out and zoom reset functions. App doesn’t fit the content perfectly but it is very helpful to use at least temporarily to read content in some instances.


I used Basecamp for 10 years before moving to Asana for the last 3.
Everyone said the same thing when we did, what’s with the tiny fonts, everyone not just the senior team, now cards/tasks are not the issue, but the conversation view is truly horrible.

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This is nothing to do with “Old people”, most of our team are 20-30 and they too complain about this
Note to Asana Google it and don’t make excuses: small fonts in asana


Hi. I’ve been dealing with some post-op vision loss. I was also dismayed about this b/c Asana in chrome is not responding to my font increase request in the chrome browser on desktop. HOWEVER< after some working on this, I found that you can use your accessibility setting in Safari to set a minimum display font size and Asana reacts to that. That’s not optimal if you want all your font to stay as it is across browser. Also, I hate Safari, but if you’re as desperate as I am to leave behind this delicate wedding grey font style…you can do it simply in Safari. Go to Safari->preferences->accessbility, and change minimum font from 9 to whatever you want. RAH!


I can’t believe they haven’t solved this


Fonts are way too small in the UI — aside from how tiny and uncomfortable this is to read, it is also way too much information to see at once.

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I am 23 years old, I have 20/20 uncorrected vision, and I STILL want to have bigger fonts in Asana. Like many people, I look at a screen for 7+ hours a day, and I see no reason to exacerbate eye strain by making fonts unnecessarily small. For the moment, I am getting around this by zooming in on Safari, but it makes Asana look really goofy and the full content on the screen doesn’t always fit in my Safari window.

My suggestion: Add a simple toggle on/off switch to My Profile Settings > Display > Advanced Options that says “Enable enhanced readability mode.” This option would increase all fonts to at least 18 pt, and improve contrast between words and screen by making the text color black (not gray) and maybe bolding the text of task titles as well.

I know updating a UI can be a real pain, but this would make Asana much more pleasant for many users, as well as making it accessible for users with impaired vision. I appreciate that Asana has a colorblind friendly mode, and I think it could improve accessibility by adding this “enhanced readability” option as well.


The best solution is for the font stack to have at least two fonts (list of fonts), so that the user can use the second font if it has not the first font. `
Simple styling options allow you to change the fonts (twitter font at fontvilla) of a web page (or type) by using CSS. The font can be set for each letter, different phrases, headlines, entire paragraphs and even whole text pages.

+1 for this feature, we have a room of young people all complaining about the font size. We’re using our own css overrides now, but that really shouldn’t be necessary.

We have recently signed up for a Basic Asana package as an initial test to see if it will be useful for us. I have some members of my team with visual data processing disabilities and I need to find a way to make the text in tasks larger for them. This does not seem to be an option on the web version, nor does adjusting the font size in Chrome have any effect. How do can I adjust the layout to be more accessible for my users.

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Rachel_Stimson! I see what you mean, it’s currently not possible to adjust the font size in Asana. We have an existing Product Feedback about this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merge your thread with Changing the Font and Styles. Some users have also shared some workarounds in the thread.

I hope this helps and apologies for any inconvenience!