Changing the Font and Styles

It seems this has been a flagged issue with Asana for over two years, why has this not been fixed? Does Asana have any plans to actually address this?


Allowing ones to change a font and style could likely result in visual bugs in the app and I can definitely understand why Asana would not (yet) allow this. That being said, they don’t share their roadmap so sadly @Rachel_Stimson you won’t get an answer…


There is a few examples of really bad font color schemes in Asana that is really hard to read.
I have normal vision as long as I wear my glasses but even the font I’m typing right now is not easy to read. I think the site could use a good walk-through of all the lighter grey fonts.

Example: Cancel button here is really hard to see.

Completed tasks is almost invisible with less than perfect vision, and less than perfect screens.

I think it would help a lot to change it to darker fonts.

I’ve tested accessibility of the lighter fonts for their contrast and they fail all the tests. (WebAIM: Contrast Checker)


Hi @Kristoffer_Selvaer, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback!

We have an existing product feedback thread related to this topic and also the option to change the font and styles. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Changing the Font and Styles to centralize votes. I hope you don’t mind! I’ll make sure to keep the main thread updated as soon as I have news about this feature.

Thanks again!

the extention is not working so well.
it’s 2020 already, most of morden websites are large enough font size!
please revise it !!!

How do I decrease the size of the font. I inadvertently hit something, and it is way too large.

Hello @Tim_Burns :wave:

I responded in a separate thread:

The small font size and the light grey colour in Asana is driving me nuts!!! And I´m 25 years old with a perfect vision!!!


We would like to have more font color and highlighting options in the description box of tasks. This would help our work flow with clients and other team members to color code users/meeting notes.

Love this idea! Would be super helpful to have additional font colors and highlight options to stay organized.

This is a great idea and would be super helpful in my day to day use of Asana.

Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing your feedback :slight_smile: We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your posts with the main thread to consolidate feedback.

Your tool is very hard to use for people with sight issues due to the choice of light fonts and tiny fonts. Please consider improving this so that people over 40 feel positive about the tool. I use two on line tools regularly: Asana and Zoho. Zoho has no readability issues. Asana is a nightmare. And when someone tries to display an asana screen in a web sharing tool, forget it. I literally use a giant handheld magnifying glass with the product, in order not to miss anything. I don’t have to do that with any other tool.

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You should share your comment on Changing the Font and Styles and upvote there!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Jeff_Hulett! I’m moving your post to Changing the Font and Styles to centralize feedback. Thanks @Bastien_Siebman!

This needs to said again. The internet is not just for the wealthy and “healthy” cool kids. Emails sent from asana are poorly formatted for readability. Font within the app is too small. Clickable links and buttons are too small. Your interface provides no sympathy for the color blind or those without perfect vision. Please think about more than just what you see around you in the office when gathering requirements. There are billions of other people on the planet. We can talk about your other accessibility issues later.


Everyone on our team is complaining about the light grey color on the completed tasks in the task list. It is almost impossible to see and there are many times where we are reviewing completed tasks and we have to pretty much open each one up to see it. We all have good eye sight! Just a different color or slightly darker would help tremendously.

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Asana - do you plan to make it more accessible with an ability to enlarge fonts, have a visually impaired staff member finding it difficult to read the comments within tasks

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but where is the solution from Asana?

Please fix this. Give us the ability to change the fonts and make the names of tasks either bold, or something similar to allow them to stand out.

It’s REALLY frustrating on Calendar view when the task and subtask are the same font on the calendar entry. I LOVE having both the task and subtask show up on the calendar entry, but they look like a run-on sentence that goes on for two+ lines.