Custom hex colors



It would be awesome to choose custom colors (hex codes) to go with client colors. Right now there are a limited amount of colors which can be frustrating. Not too sure if the limited amount of colors is an Asana thing. As of now, I will be fresh out of colors soon. Any ideas on this @Alexis? I’d say this isn’t really a unique feature that would be a big undertaking, but you’d know best.


hehe I’m not the design expert I wish I were. But as mentioned in

we’ll definitely note your feedback!

As for my personal opinion - I think more colors would be neat! :slight_smile: The more people find value in Asana, the more they’ll use it, and thus the more colors they’ll probably need. I can’t speak to how this will be prioritized but I do hear where you’re coming from with this.


I am a graphic and web designer, and I have a buncha clients. More colors!!! Hex colors, or just a much larger selection.


Perfect! So glad you chimed in @Theresa_Jennings .


We are considering Asana for our team’s content calendar, but the lack of colors and hex option for both projects and tags is one of the basic things we really need. When will this be available so we can know when to upgrade to premium?


It’s really really useful for large projects.

  • 1 for more color options por favor.


Would LOVE this! We have so many projects, 16 colors just isn’t cutting it.


I wholeheartedly agree on adding more highlight colors for projects. A simple option to add hex would be fine or even a more advanced color wheel. Thanks!


@Alexis any idea on if this is even up for discussion on your end? A simple yes/no is fine. I already know the spiel already about the community, it’s purpose and how much all of our contributions are valued…


We would love the ability to set custom hex colors for projects. Since we work in publishing, the ability to have each project and related pieces have a specific color related to the branding of that project would be a major bonus.


Desperately needing custom colors. Please, please, please! The calendar view is simply ineffective if you have tons of projects and use the current color options.


+1 for full color picker or at least much expanded color set (google in gmail or calendar does a good job of having a simple set to pick from, but allows for custom colors)


It would be good to get an update on this. It’s a very simple implementation and is an option on almost everything else we use.


Agree with this request. Allowing the option to set a color via hex code would be extremely valuable.


₊1 for more colors


+1 from me as well. This is really limiting when it comes to the new timeline feature and calendars when you have a lot of projects or clients like we do.


And from me too. This is a frustrating limitation.


This is something my team needs too!


My team just hit the cap on colors. I’d loooove the option for custom colors based on hexcode.