More colors to assign to projects

Would LOVE to be able to choose more than the 16 colors currently available. They are a little too similar right now. Hopefully this is an easy one - thanks!


Hi - it has been about 4 months and want to see if this can gain any traction again. I’ve only added to the number of projects and desperately need more color variety/options.

Thank you!


Not sure why this hasn’t received more votes, but it’s been a long time since initially asking for it. I need it more than ever.

Any update?

Thank you!

Dear Asana Team 2020-01-24T08:00:00Z

We are running out of colors do you think in the near future will be possible to have more colorsimage beyond the existing 16 colors

Thank you!

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More colors would be nice. We started using emojis in project/tag names to categorize in the meantime.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @EdgarArana and @Alex_Graniere.

I was able to find an existing thread regarding this topic so I’ve merged your posts with it to consolidate feedback. I hope it’s OK. Please don’t forget to upvote it!

Have a great week!

Can you link it? I can’t find it

Hi @Jared :wave:

The thread I was referring to is the one created by you :slight_smile: I’ve already merged the other thread with this one.

Have a great week!