Color codes in API



Can’t find a list of possible color codes in the API…

It would be nice to have this information (something like ‘yellow-green’, ‘dark-orange’, etc.) in the documentation.



That is exactly why I created :slight_smile:
Please note that the colors might have changed since I created this…

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Nice job!
I hope this page will be added to the official documentation.


@Bastien_Siebman, I think that page is perhaps from before the redesign, because some of the colors look different to me (look at our modern definition of “dark brown” in our projects view, which I would argue is strictly “yellow” :grinning:)

We do have an older action item to update these, but we’re kind of indecided on whether we should attempt to deprecate what I’ll talk about below or just go ahead and document them.

The trick is that projects existed and had to be backwards-compatible, so we have special-case code for those. Nobody thought or noticed at the time that custom fields would also need to use this translator to stay consistent, so the underlying names poke through there.

So we’re at a point where the same colors are called different things depending on where you are in our API :cry: but such is probably the case with our API until some future version bump when we can fix it.

The community seems like a fine place to do this, however, because I can write this long expansive history of the colors in Asana and it doesn’t feel out of place :slight_smile: Besides, it’s Pride month and we’re located in San Francisco, so let’s get some rainbows in here.

In any case, here are screenshots of the color names in the API and the associated Asana colors (note that the project list is part of an A/B test that’s currently happening, so your project list in Asana might look a bit different, but the colors should be the same.


@Matt_Bramlage I would be more than happy to update the page if you give me the heads up. Or simply redirect to this post! What do you think?


@Bastien_Siebman Either one is fine, whichever you prefer! :slight_smile:


I added a link back to this thread :+1: