Custom hex colors


Agreed, need more colors

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With the ability to color Projects, Tags, and Custom Fields, why - oh - why are there only 16 colors available to choose from?

Please give us more color options!


Thanks for the feedback @Riley_Grant! We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the existing topic. Feel free to add your vote on this main thread, as votes dob’t carry over when a thread is merged!



Asana is a software designed to be scalable. The color limitations really hurts Asana’s ability to keep project sizes and varieties scalable while retaining the visual cues needed for the mind to differentiate between them. At least double the palette size. The 16 colors picked for us are too close to each other anyway. This is a no-brainer. Developers, this is being requested for the longest time now. Please make your customers’ lives easier and their Asana experience better by allowing custom project colors!

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Already two years since ignoring “more colors” request!
We should throw some party somewhere! :rofl:

*Constructive criticism of ignoring ideas, not people.


Never thought I needed this until we added a bunch more users to Asana across a variety of departments.

Could see the ability to have custom colors incredibly helpful for fields related to multi-step approvals (various shades of green light --> dark as it moves through approvers).

Would think it’s a relatively easy solution to implement, just add hex UI to the color picker. I’m assuming that the labels, calendar items, etc. that display 1 of the 16 colors today is doing so by referencing a hex code (unless it’s hard coded and tied to CSS, then I can see hesitancy, but even then…)


We have a corporate style guide that everyone adheres to for product management, and this includes the colors that are stipulated for each of our products when represented in presentations, in documentation, and well. . . pretty much anywhere. So this would be a pretty big deal to us if it was a feature. If nothing else, at least the full material design palette would be great, though hex colors are in Aha! and ClickUp. I really hope this becomes something Asana considers. It would be really tough to make our people remember two sets of colors of our product management (since that’s what we we are evaluating Asana for). Many time they know our products by color way faster than anything else; it would be pretty messy to not be able to have the same ones. :frowning: