Custom hex colors

Agree with all the comments, need the ability to add/select custom colors. Would help workflow and efficiency, isn’t that the whole purpose of Asana?

HI Asana team,

It is a bit strange to expect people use photographs. The resolution is too small for it to be useful. Colour coding is useful. The profile image of initials against a selected colour provides just the right amount of personality; photos are too personal for my liking. The default colours are reasonable, yet it is unfortunate to be assigned magenta. If you could provide a profile collection of colours that would be much appreciated.


agreed! MORE COLORS PLEASE. It’s 2020. Here’s hoping.

let me rephrase – ALL colors please. :slight_smile: ability to use hex code to limitlessly color code

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Yes! I am all for more colors!

This “More colors please!” thread is YEARS long already and not a single response or explanation why this is not being implemented. I LOVE asana and don’t mean to be rude or ungrateful, but could someone from Asana please share with us what the current stance and think is in allowing colors to be more customizable? Thank you in advance!

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OMG please more colors!!! I am in agreement with all of the folks above.

+1 for custom hex colours. I’d like the colour of my project to match the colour of my client’s.