Custom Tag Color

Is there a way to set my own tag colors? I’ve run out of tag colors that they’ve pre-built in, so I’d like to add more tag colors via a Hex Code. Also, how do I make sure my first tag is the main color that appears on the calendar?


Hey @Betsy_Donohue

At the moment there is no way to set custom colors for your Tags; only the ones we have listed so far.

Its a great idea though. I recommend posting this request in our “Product Feedback” channel at the following link: h

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I took the liberty to move the post to Product Feedbacks so other Community members can vote for this great idea!


:ok_hand: Great idea @Bastien_Siebman! :ok_hand:

Have custom colors become an option yet?

No April not yet

I would love to see this as a feature! I need more color options to choose from.

A free color choice would be great to mark the points, not only the limited colors in the option to choose

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Cyrill_Martin!

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to gather all feedback. Feel free to add your vote on the main thread! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure why the colour pallet is so limiting tbh, its a frustration as we deal with many customers and to colour code them we have had to start reusing colours as we have more than 16 customers. i’m amazed that people were asking for this 4 years ago and it hasn’t been implemented or evidently improved in any way shape or form.


I do have an idea for a reason: if you let people choose colors, things become really ugly really fast. And then you see someone’s Asana screen and go like “Asana is ugly” :grimacing:

Same reason why Apple has a very hard process to review apps, and Android doesn’t #troll

Desperately want this feature too. Sad it’s still not available at the end of 2021.

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I’m an avid user of tags. I’d love to have a larger choice of colors. For example, I’d love to use 6 variations of blue to denote 1 particular theme of tags.

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Agreed. I’d also like black as an option.

I’d like to know when you will offer the full colour pallete in labels and sorting to provide a better customisable board

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Since there is an existing feedback request thread for this topic I have merged your post into that one.

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Man…5+ years and still no custom or extended color palette. This feature is a must, especially when managing multiple brands and business units that already have branded associated color codes.

I’d also love for there to the option to use custom colors for tags.