Custom hex colors

I just can not get used to the washed out colours. I am struggling to see if some tasks are completed or its just the dull colour they are now. I don’t like the alternating text colour either.

After reading through a lot of the comments on the forums everyone seems to hate it and to either want to switch back or be able to select from either colour scheme.

Asana have said that they wont be offering a choice of colour scheme and that this is the colour pallet they have settled on after all of the research they have done as this is what the people want… however I have been apart of a few Asana surveys and don’t recall being asked to give any feed back on the colour scheme.

I am seriously contemplating moving over to the other big task management software software, but am dreading the huge work load to do so.

Asana can you please consider giving us an option of colour schemes?


Hi @Sarah_Simon, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. We hear you.

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Yes I would agree that the new colors are awful. Even more awful in dark mode as we prefer to working in at our company.

We used monday dot com for a very long time before switching to asana. It was strictly the colors and the interface that made us switch. Now the vibrant colors in monday are looking great to us again.

Just use the RGB color codes and leave it alone asana. You can’t go wrong there.

Accept defeat and roll back. It’s easier to keep customers than it is to gain them!


My current pastel grayed-out colors do not work for me. I wish the previous colors (which are still active in my personal asana only, but not in my asana for work).
As the announcement topic is now closed New colors coming to Asana!
I just wish to provide my negative feedback on colors. Will be good if more choice is provided. If not custom colors, at least to choose between the previous and current color schemes.
Custom Hex colors would be great, but I do not believe most of the people will be able to set a proper color scheme, while if an admin sets a scheme for a whole company, it may lead to a very negative feedback for the whole product which to be out of control from Asana itself. Overall I do not think providing to clients fully custom control on colors is that simple and clever. It may be better to have a choice from a few pre-made themes instead. Like 2-3 classic themes for the Basic plan plus a few more for the paid plans.


The colors are now muted and dull, which is confusing in the calendar view since the colors fade when a task is completed. It’s tough to tell the difference between a regular task and a completed one now. All colors seem faded/complete. And they are more similar than they were before. The limited color options were already a disappointment, but at least they were vibrant before.
Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 11.00.03 AM

I had the colors corresponding with different businesses/brands I work with, which are now all off and will need to be rearranged.

My work is already deeply embedded in Asana, so I can’t say this change will make me switch products, but not having the option to keep the colors I’ve worked with for 4 years is disappointing. It will take time to get used to and is making work organization an extra headache during a busy time of year. :confused:


I think it’s pretty customer-hostile to introduce a significant color palette change of this magnitude without any option to revert for those who don’t like it. I literally hate it. I have been using Asana for over 8 years, and this is the single worst ‘update’ I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been wondering for a few days why it looked so muted and dull and I couldn’t pick out the important ‘things’ by color anymore. Finally found the original thread that pretty heartlessly says “we aren’t going back, no matter what you say” to hundreds of customers. We pay a significant amount of money to use Asana for 40 people to collaborate. This is a disappointing step backwards that needs to be reviewed, and choice re-introduced for users.


This is the second time in the last year and a half we’ve been with Asana that the dev team has rolled out a new, unappealing 16 color palette. Why would they waste ANY time and money repeatedly revising and enforcing what is not a feature but instead a significant obstacle for their customers?

While I love Asana for so many reasons, custom hex colors are available from a number of competing services… so why are we still waiting for this?

Custom project colors would make Asana usable for us again. Currently it’s an eye-sore, and no longer works with our IRL color-coded projects.

How about rolling out a feature this time Asana, instead of a 16 hue vomit swab?


Sure maybe hex colours would be sweet but please just bring back the old colours. I’m literally right now looking at alternatives for my team to asana because I just hate looking at the gross muted colours that don’t even do the job of highlighting things easily anymore. I agree with other posts that the response “we’re not changing it back we don’t care what our customers say” is a pretty terrible position.


I also hate the new colors!!! And I’ve always had the issue of running out of colors. Please let us customize them!!!


Not sure why Asana insists on enforcing such a personal or brand specific scheme. It isn’t like this affects the Asana brand. This just seems like such a weird hill to die on. Very Apple like.

Shouldn’t companies be allowed to choose what colors identify them, rather than to be forced to identify as someone else dictates?


I posted this on another thread but I thought I’d share it here given that I have very little faith in Asana actually taking our feedback and giving us this most basic customization…

I’ve implemented a simple work-around to create custom project hex colors for our small team.

I installed the Stylish extension for Firefox and then I made a modified version of the native root.css file that Asana uses. After a fair bit of fiddling and hex-hunting I was able to change the 16 default project colors in the style sheet (they’re just hex codes) to colors that I prefer and use Stylish to impose this modified CSS whenever we load Asana in-browser.

I’m not a web developer by any means; I think someone else could implement something similar (or likely better) if they had an hour or so and were willing to fuss with CSS. The page inspector feature in Firefox made this process much easier.

That being said, paying monthly for a service and then having to implement a work-around just to get basic functionality feels wrong to me. I am perplexed as to why the Asana dev team has spent five years ignoring requests for what I think should have been a feature right out of the gate.

Here’s a shot of our workspace calendar at the moment:

There’s still no way to sort tasks in the workspace calendar view, but dare I ask the dev team to do this on top of their busy schedule closing feedback threads? :upside_down_face:

A little update on the aforementioned work around… I spent another hour on it and succeeded at changing the project text colors and the side bar color; basically almost any color on the site can be adjusted and these color changes persist from page to page across the entire domain. I also used my ad-blocker extension to remove the ‘Favorites’, ‘Add a Teammate’ and other visual clutter from the sidebar.

Here’s a shot after these recent changes…

For those interested in doing a custom work-around you can create a Chrome Extension (and probably similar for other browsers) by implementing your own Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules. Anyone w/ a little web/HTML/CSS experience would be able to do this easily.

“The Google” recommends this article. I am sure there are many other similar how-to articles.
Bend Any Website’s CSS To Your Will