New colors coming to Asana!

Hi everyone!

When you logged into Asana this morning, did you notice that some of the colors seemed a little…different? Perhaps calmer and more subdued? Don’t fret, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! We’ve gearing up to roll out changes to the product’s colors, in line with updates we’ve been making across our website and other materials over the last few months. And before we fully roll out the changes, we’re running a test with some users to collect feedback on any refinements we may wish to make.

What’s changing?

To provide you with a simpler, more purposeful visual experience, we’re introducing a new color palette:

Why are you making these changes?

A big part of the change has come from you, our users, who’ve been forthright and transparent in what you expect from Asana’s colors. Thank you for sharing! Based on user feedback, as well as the product experience we aspire to deliver, we’ve made the changes for 4 reasons:

  1. With a simpler, streamlined color palette coming to the Asana product, we are providing you with more consistency across every place you’ll interact with Asana, and are offering a clearer user experience, helping you stay focused and in the flow of work

  2. Leaning into what’s known about the effects of color on mood, energy and focus, we selected warm and cool tones that harmoniously work together, creating a balanced, approachable, and calm experience, with minimal distractions coming from color.

  3. We’re staying true to the lighthearted and playful spirit of the Asana brand, but adding a touch of sophistication and timelessness to reflect how we’ve evolved as a product.

  4. Finally, we heard loud and clear that many of the colors were not meeting the color contrast ratio for visual impairments. Through this change, we’re making progress towards meeting this standard, and are committed to making future changes enabling the product to be more easily accessible by all users.

Next steps

We’ll be rolling these changes out across the web, desktop and mobile experiences over the next few days. No action is required on your end.

To ensure a consistent user experience, we’re not providing an option to revert back to the previous colors.

If you have questions or feedback, we welcome your comments!


I would love a custom color pallet that would match our brand book.


Thank you for the clear heads-up in advance.


I love the colors. It feels more grown up.
Think it would be great if we could have the whole color board (use color hex codes) to pick specific colors for each brand.


I find the new colors are much harder to differentiate from each other - e.g. the pills representing projects in home page are very similar.
I will share that I happen to like pinks and purples and many of the projects were colored by me - and I think those shades happen to be especially closer together now.


I agree with you, I find the page less vibrant / more dull now. I’m sure we’ll get used to it but I definitely would rather keep the previous css!


Yeah, Nah, do not like the new colors, so dreary.
Best let the user choose which color palette they would like to use, rather than jam this blandness down everyone’s throats.


I am definitely not liking the change here either. With the previous colors everything was easier to read (for me). New colors are very hard to differentiate from each other and this was the only reason why I was using custom fields with colors. To be able to make differences without actually having to read the name of the option. Not sure why you choose “consistent user experience” over “good user experience for everyone” instead.

It would be best that you let users choose from the color palette by adding the new colors to the list instead of replacing them all :sweat:


Ok this new palette is pure crap. My eyes hurt when I look at this. Everything is similar now, no difference in brightness etc. How do I switch to the old palette that was much much better?


If anyone else is missing the old color palette and its vibrancy + contrast, enabling “color blind friendly mode” under settings > display makes the new colors a lot more bearable.

Hoping they go back to the old colors or at least allow the option to have them soon!


Please can you make the weekend days a darker grey again? They’re really hard to see with the latest colour scheme.


Completely agree finding it really difficult to see and multiples reports of similar from Colleagues.


Yes please! New colour scheme has poor delineation between some of the colours in the timeline view as well making it hard to tell the difference of a red (now a peachy red) and amber (now a reddy peach)


Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! You can find more details about this update in our announcement here: New colors coming to Asana!. I’ve also merged your posts with the main thread to consolidate feedback.


Hello, today morning I opened up my asana and Profile and filter icons colors went from normal to faded. How can I fix this? Sending faded colors screens

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Hello @Avto_Tcharbadze and welcome in the Asana Community Forum :wave:

This is intentional, have a look here: New colors coming to Asana! - #14 by Emily_Roman, New colors coming to Asana!

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I don’t mind the new colors, but the weekend and weekdays are virtually the same now in timeline view. Having them clearly identified is important for us since we never plan anything on weekends.


I’m definitely hearing from clients that they are now having difficulty differentiating between tags


Ficou horrível! Tenho um calendário de postagens que era guiado pelas cores, está parecendo que foram concluídas.

Tem como voltar para as cores antigas?

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