Changing allocated colours


This may be similar to the ‘renaming’ discussion, but is there any way to change the colours that Asana assigns to users who don’t include their pictures? There are only 3 people in the team but two of them have the same colour - while it isn’t a massive problem, If I am not wearing my glasses I can’t see the initials clearly, but if the colours were different I can tell the apart easily. I can’t see anything in the Profile settings but I might have missed something?


This is a classic non-answer, but you should just require everyone to use a profile photo. :slight_smile: If people truly don’t want their faces (or any other image), they can make a profile photo with a solid background of whatever color you want.

This is also a good time to plug the free “Asana Onboarding” template, which you can use to create a project with tasks for new users to complete. You can add a task like “Upload profile photo.”


Thanks @craig_fifer for the non-answer. I am already aware of, and using, the on-boarding template - was just wondering if the colour change thing is possible :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, there is no way to manually change the colors that Asana assigns to users profile photos. As Craig mentioned, it’d be best to just require everyone to use a profile photo :slight_smile:


Really? would that be hard to implement?


@Craig_Fifer I would agree that using a profile photo except in every instance across Asana the profile icon is SO small that its useless for identifying people. In the primary interface its something like 25 x 25 pixels. You could post a face and a potato and no one would be able to tell the difference. Which is fine, I wouldn’t want large profile icons but the size being what it is you end up with the color and first/last initial combination being the easier way to identify people. This is why being able to select from an array of colors to make combinations unique would be helpful.


Also the ability to edit a forum post (for when you forget to put a word or two in a post) would be helpful. :wink:


I think you can edit posts after a certain # of them, as a spam control thing (or whatever). A little annoying to be sure, lol


True. Can be annoying but overall it’s a super helpful built in moderation tool :nerd_face:


To be honest I am too lazy to find a photo that match my preferred color just to have color that easily identifiable. To have my shortname as icon with preferred color is very convenient and more productive than go to make some color and upload it


I’m looking to see this implemented too. It’d benefit my use of Asana. Please add to your features list @Asana.


I took the liberty of moving this thread to the #productfeedback category. Feel free to vote.


Even though we are all using photos, the allocated colour flashes up before the image is loaded in the assign task drop down - as such adding a user profile image is not a 100% effective solution to this issue.

I can’t find the entry in the product feedback list to vote on it, please can you post a link?


@Ben_Nicholson you don’t need a link, this is the product feedback thread, just scroll to the top of the page and you’ll see the voting option on the left :slightly_smiling_face: