Allow users to upload images (e.g., logos, photos) to serve as project icons

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

I am always looking for ways to make things more visually prominent and distinct so that my brain can take things in at a glance.

Right now, when I look at my home screen, it’s just a big mass of colored squares for my projects, with small text underneath. Hard to distinguish.

I am an attorney, and each project represent a client’s matter. If I could upload the client’s logo (or a photo of the client) for each of their matters, that would make it quite easy to see what’s what at a glance.



Would be nice but currently the workaround I used is to embed emoji/emoticon


It’s an absolutely necessary feature. I have more than 15 projects in Asana and color coding doesn’t help anymore


When I create a Project I can change the highlight color and set a name and description. I’d also like to add a photo to display in the icon, to further personalize my project list.


Use emojis in the project name :slight_smile: :tada::muscle::earth_americas::martial_arts_uniform:


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It would be very helpful to be able to customize/upload pictures as project board images. As a creative agency, we’re all about visualization. For our client boards, it would be helpful to be able to better differentiate using images. For internal and GA it is nice to clearly see what the board is for with the thumbnail picture.


@Allison_King, the overflow menu (“…”) on each card has a menu item “Choose Cover Image” which lets you choose 1) the most recent attachment always, 2) a particular attachment of your choice, or 3) no image.

Is that what you need by any chance?

(I’m not sure where this is documented in Asana Guide; couldn’t find it after a couple minutes of trying.)



Hi Larry,

I believe you’re referring to tasks. I would like to change the image on the project card. See below:




Ahh…sorry about that (was thrown off because I saw “board” a couple times in your post).

Maybe your request is similar to:

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Yes, this is exactly what I need! When our team creates a project in the Kanban view we refer to them as boards.


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Hi Natalia,

Sounds good! Is there any news as to if this is something that will become available or is being worked on?



HI @Allison_King!

At the moment there are no updates on this topic but is something that will be considered in the future. I’ll keep you posted when we have any news!

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Just bumping this with another up vote!

We’re a publishing company and being able to use a book’s cover as the “cover” for the project would be amazing!


I too really need this feature for my company’s projects. It would be good to know when this (rather standard) feature will be added to Asana.


I would liked it if I could add a photo to a project main screen (dashboard), it’s much easier to quickly identify a project by it’s icon/photo rather than reading all the titles. Right now it’s just a screen full of squares in different colors.

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Welcome to the Forum @anon90151889 and thank you for submitting this idea in the Forum! I also agree it would be great to be able to customize the project icon with an image!

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Totally agree.
Those colorful squares don’t mean a thing if you still need to go over and read all the titles.
If there were photos, it would be quicker and more intuitive to reviews all projects.
Thank you!


Any news on this? This would be an amazingly helpful feature to distinguish between projects!