🎨 We're adding 33 new Project icons and additional touches of color to help you customize your projects!

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that today we’re rolling out some exciting new options to help you customize your projects! Going forward, when creating a new project, you will be able to choose from 33 project icons! In addition to this, the color you will pick for your project will automatically be reflected on your project tabs (List, Board, Timeline, Progress, Forms, More) as well as on the little star next to your project title you can use to favorite your project.

While we’re working on updating our guide article, here is a screenshot to help you visualize what this update will look like in your accounts

This update is currently available to 50% of our customers and should be available to everyone within the next 48h!

As usual, feel free to post your questions in the comments below and to log your feedback in #productfeedback. We look forward to your feedback and hope you’ll have great fun updating your projects :woman_artist:t3::man_artist:t2:

Have a great Tuesday :blush:


Cool! Can these new icons be applied to existing projects? And if so, what menu do we use to access them?



Yes; and you just click on the project image at the top left of the project page to see the color and icon choices.




I love this. I actually started using them yesterday. Super neat!

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Wonderful. I used them straight away. This sort of grooviness is what’s missing in Asana compared to your competitors. Wallpapers, coloureds columns etc. it all makes it more fun to use (and therefore more likely for teams to want to use). Thanks for this first step.

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Can we get more color choices? I need a lot of different purples.


HI @Adrienne_McCue1 :wave:t3: If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend casting your vote in Custom hex colors :slight_smile: