Color-Coding and Project Icons

So, I have been working for about half a year now to get my company’s Asana organized, and I have successfully been able to utilize a wide variety of features to give my company the organizational tools they need to progress in their projects and assigned duties.
One feature that I have not yet capitalized on is the Project Icon. There are 16 possible colors and 33 symbols, which means that there are just over 500 potential combinations.

Now I am not looking for a way to assign each possible combination. That would be nuts.

But if anyone here can give me some inspiration for how to use these icons and colors properly, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sam_Rapp

The icons do nothing in Asana. However the colors do play a role. In the left sidebar shows the colors and allows you to group project by type of group representing the effort. Project colors are also within tasks on a board view when the task belows to more than one project so that is helpful to identify a task that is multi-homed.


Hi @Getz_Pro ! Thanks for the help. Wasn’t intending so much to look for a solution. More recommendations on how other teams might be utilizing these features.

Exactly @Sam_Rapp Other teams don’t do much with the icons because they do nothing in Asana.

Other teams do use the colors in the left sidebar to indicate project type or customer or team.

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