Color & Icon + Moving Project Up and Down in List

It appears that something has changed in the latest version of Asana. All of our team members use to be able to change the color of a project, change the icon as well as drag the project to a new order/place in a project list. They could do this to any project whether it was a project assigned to them or not. Now, the user can only change color and icon as well as move the project within the list if the user is assigned the project. We sort projects by color (depending on stage of the project) as well as move the projects into a sequential list based on priority. Plus multiple users work on the project and need the ability to change the color - which means to us that it is entering a different stage in our process flow as well as move it up and down the list. Any thoughts on how we can get back to any user being able to change the color and icon as well as move the project within the list? Workarounds? Or a setting that allows us to grant this to a user?

One more item. If one of our team members moves the project within the list, the move is not seen by other users…

Hi @Mike38, thanks for reaching out! It looks like the permissions of your project were set as Comment only. For this reason, only the assignee of the task can edit the task. You can check the project permission by clicking the “Share” icon in the project header:

In regards to your last question, if you reorder the list of projects under your Team in the sidebar, the change won’t be reflected in your teammates accounts. Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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