Changing allocated colours

I voted, but wanted to reiterate how useful this change should be. We are a two person team with some minor input from other departments, and my teammate and I have the same color. As someone with worsening vision, this would be very helpful for me differentiate between mine and my teammate’s tasks while in a shared project.

Welcome to the Forum @Michael_Acton and thank you for sharing your feedback.

A workaround that you could use is to sort task by assignee to differentiate between your and your colleague’s tasks in a shared project. I hope this helps!

`Thank you for the suggestion. Instead of that Workaround, I went into MS Paint and did a fill color in a completely different color and then typed my initials. Then I saved it to a JPG and uploaded it. The initials are off center, but it was significantly easier on the eyes…BTW. The font on this web page is too light grey for people with vision difficulties, so I’m using an HTML tag for others with vision difficulties.

Nevermind my HTML code got overridden by the default font. Sorry guys. I guess we got to work with what we got.

Is this still an issue that cannot be addressed? This is a very simple fix that I feel can be addressed easily. Several people at our company have the same color which makes it hard to quickly identify who the task is assigned to. Team initials and colors are the way we differentiate best.

I looked for two hours on how to change the color of the team members. Finally found this feed. This is a must and I’m shocked that it hasn’t been implemented since it’s been discussed for such a long period of time. Please implement this suggestion. It would make Asana rise above the other products out there.