How to change user colors?

For the usernames, there are colors surrounding each initial. A couple of teammates have the same color - which at a glance can be a bit confusing. Is there a way to change the colors so everyone has a different color surrounding username?

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As it stands, it is no possible to manually change the colours that Asana assigns to users profile photos. A good workaround would be to request users to use a profile picture.

Just to let you know, there is an existing thread requesting this feature in the #productfeedback category. You may want to add your vote to it: Changing allocated colours

This unimplemented feature is so basic, that I consider it’s absence to be a bug in the application. I mean, really. A user randomly gets assigned a color when they first register and no provision is made for an admin, or the user, to change that color? I literally have 3 users at the moment and 2 of them are assigned the same color and we can’t change this. This greatly limits the usefulness of the product. It’s insanity as far as I’m concerned. I thought I’d found a solution I could run with but I think I’m going to keep looking now.

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