How can you rename users?

A lot of my users are signing up without filling out their names. This is causing issues while peopel are trying to tag other users and aren’t sure how to do so since people aren’t filling out their profiles.

How can as an admin I enforce this / rename this for others?


Hello @Han_Su_Kim! I recommend that you refer your team to the profile settings Guide article here. All people need to do is visit my profile settings and update their profile name. This is a good tip for out of office messages in Asana, as well.

Perhaps you invite your team to an “update Asana profile” meeting next week. :slight_smile:

I also recommend that you bookmark this Admin Guide article, which will likely be helpful in the future. Please let us know if you have other questions.


At 100+ people self service just isn’t reasonable to ask. Why can’t an admin for the team take care of this and edit other profiles?


I completely understand where you’re coming from with this question. The reason admins can’t edit user profiles is because often one user will belong to multiple instances of Asana. One user could belong to Asana instances for,, and The individual user has control over their own profile so they can accommodate the needs of multiple instances of Asana that they belong to. This happens frequently with freelancers, for example.


I don’t mean to be rude but if 100+ users can’t do a simple task like adjusting their profile name. How do you expect them to use a Task management system with any actionable results?

I’m guessing you are using Asana in an unusual way, an edge case. Perhaps inviting people you don’t have direct or functional control of like a manager would over their team.

If you could provide more context maybe someone could help or Asana dev team could consider the feature you need.

Just an idea, and I’m not 100% sure this is possible, but you could use the API to help enforce the profile name.


I’m not here to get into a fight by any means, but really, it’s not a lot to ask for a SaaS system administrator to be able to administer their own users within the company including changing user attributes and not relying on an employee to do it. As much as I can get employee buy in it’ll never be 100%. And the complaint right now from my employees is that they try to find “john” or “matt” but can’t find them because they didn’t fill out their profile fully.

These are corporate accounts, within a single domain, that are owned by a company, not individual personal accounts.

We’re plenty fine with using Asana / Trello / JIRA / etc. etc. We’re quite aware of how to get the benefit we see fit from it and no our use case isn’t an edge case at all, it’s a software development shop. But we’re also a growing company and really it’s not a big ask for a company to be able to manage it’s user licenses including editing user profiles. It’s an expected feature in any enterprise system.

I looked at the API, it’s read only, no way to do a PUT to change anything, only a GET.


Well hopefully this topic and all the details you provided in the last post will get to the right person and maybe add it to their backlog or even find an alternate solution for you. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Hi @Han_Su_Kim. Thanks for providing your thoughts in so much detail. We hear what you’re saying and I can understand how this could cause challenges for your team. I’m bringing your feedback to my team and we’ll keep this in mind. I’m glad you mention the API because we now have a new Developer category in the Community for API questions! I am sure our Developer team will be delighted to help you with your API questions here:

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@Han_Su_Kim, one approach that might help is to give each new user a task to fill out their profile settings. You can create a set of onboarding tasks that serve as a template for new users, and when you assign multiple users to the same task they’ll each get their own copy of it.

This would be tedious to do with each of your current users, and any user could just ignore the task or mark it complete without doing it, but it’s something.


I second @Han_Su_Kim’s feature request. We already expect users to learn how to add, edit and comment tasks, but editing their profile will not work for dozens of users.
How about the case where we would like every user to be named as just “JoeB” (FirstL) and therefore rather to do it centrally and not by each user?

Please add this functionality.

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Please add this functionality - we’re beginning to use Asana heavily throughout a large organization, and getting ‘buy-in’ to the new process is hard enough. Asking someone to “set up their profile” is most often seen as a ‘spamy’ request. All I want to do is change their name!


I will not spam-request users to fill out their profiles correctly.
This is absurd. Asana NEEDS to have a way for Admins of Organizations to be able to rename users accounts. Enough is enough, Get this fixed.

If the user is apart of an organization, Admins need control over this for ALL of the already stated reasons and more. Especially if the email address belongs to the Org.


I agree. I ran into the same issue today and I am shocked that this function is not available in Asana.


I don’t need them to change their profile (what appears elsewhere). I just need to change how their name appears in the project that I administer. Admins should be able to over-ride a user’s “name” and that over-ride is what appears in the given team.


@Alexis any updates on this feature?
Seems a rather trivial feature to implement, that would provide a lot more manageability of organization members.
For example; being able to hide or override an avatar when a member decides to change their avatar to a NSFW image or display name, which may be acceptable in other organizations they are a member of.

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PLEASE let me rename users and change their photos


Any update on this? Seems like a major oversight and barrier to entry

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Kelly_Gurr1,

you can change their name via the admin console. You can also set away time for them too (in case they forgot to update that)