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Shape the Asana API roadmap by taking our inaugural Developer Survey [Developers & API] (2)

We’re hoping to learn from you, a member of our developer community, about your experience using Asana’s API. Please consider taking 5-10 minutes to complete our inaugural Developer Survey. Your feedback will directly sh…

Asana is moving to string IDs [Updated with timeline] ( 2 ) [Developers & API] (25)

Hi everyone! Unfortunately this is one of my announcements that doesn’t include a new feature launch, sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: However, this one is much more important to read, as it is guaranteed to cause your c…

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Portfolios API now available [Developers & API] (4)

Hello and a happy new year to everyone! Following the release of Portfolios in November, we’re pleased to announce new API endpoints for Portfolios to enable developers to integrate with this new feature. Some of the th…

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