Admins should be able to edit Asana account names

Hi. Working on dozens of teams, I need more and more to edit the members name.
I know every user can modify its own name, but you may add a feature to create custom alias saved on current user setting.


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Hey @Riccardo_Mares

I’ve moved your request to our #productfeedback category as this is a good idea for our admin empowerment team to take a closer look at. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael_A!


Any movement on this? It drives me nuts not being able to edit names.

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I would like to edit company names, and have the option to delete an obsolete company, please

Feature request:

I’d love to see the ability for an Organization Admin to be able to manage user’s profiles. Specifically setting their name (first/last) when the actual person doesn’t set it properly (or single sign on doesn’t set it properly). In addition to that, being able to edit other features such as vacation mode would be great from a manager’s perspective (mark an employee away if they were taken out for an emergency scenario or maternity leave)


Hello there,
Some members of the organization are on vacation and they forgot to set up their accounts as away. I know the best thing is the user to do it, but as they cannot right now, could the admin access this feature and do it so everyone else knows that no tasks can be sent to them?

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Denis_Sooma :wave:t5:

There is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it to consolidate feedback. I hope it’s Ok. Please don’t forget to cast your vote!

Have a great day Denis!

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Awesome @Natalia!

Any news on this, by the way?

It would make things a lot easier if admins could edit certain aspects of a user profile.

Especially the “away” feature is pretty necessary as it’s useful not just for vacations but also for sick days (where users aren’t able to set the status themselfes).


I can’t believe this simple feature has been discussed/requested since 2017 and still nothing? It seems like a no-brainer – every other platform we use allows the admin to control how users are registered. The current system, as designed by Asana, leads to a messy and inconsistent user database very quickly. Tagging is a pain when the user has no name and the email isn’t descriptive. Reports and tasks look ugly and non-professional. I understand we could ask the users to edit their own profiles, but come on Asana – admins should be able to fix this for their company.

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For everything good that you guys do here at Asana, your new feature request/development process is absolutely unacceptable. You keep releasing features that - seemingly - nobody cares about when really important ones get ignored for years.

I also support this feature.

Absolutely! We need the ability to change names/titles ASAP.
For instance - I did a batch invite and one lady got stuck with her name being a list of email addresses and I couldn’t update.

Also being able to edit another admins away mode. It looks like I can do it for members but not admins (we are on Enterprise Division setting).


And would also like the ability on Admin Console to be able to add people to teams that I am not a part of.

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that now Organization Admins can edit user profile settings and edit their names from the Admin Console. You can find more information in this article: Manage all Members in an Organization


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