🙏 Take a minute to type your name in your profile settings


I won’t rant about people using cats :cat: or dogs :dog: as their profile picture, that will be for another day. Today, I want to talk about your name. Please. Please. Please. Take a second to open your Asana profile settings, and type your actual name in there! Use normal capitalization, no uppercase, and replace that awkward email address that was used as a placeholder by Asana…

“Your Asana admin has made edits to the following fields: Role, name”
This is the kind of message you now get when the admin updates your role or name. What it means is that we can finally change someone’s name! That should not be a reason for you to not do it yourself!


@Bastien_Siebman do you have more specifics on how this achieved and what limitations exist? From my Admin Console I see where I can edit profile settings but it appears the Name and Role are greyed out for all Members and Guests that are part of our organization.

Disclaimer: I am the admin for a Division within an Organization so perhaps those same privileges aren’t for that type of setup? :man_shrugging:

I believe @Julien_RENAUD did it for one of our clients, maybe he can answer better than me.

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I actually discovered that I could change people’s names and other profile information as an Admin by accident. I was going through our users list as a monthly audit (thanks @Bastien_Siebman for the suggestion on doing this!) and I noticed plenty of people had not put their information into Asana so I started doing it for them. I didn’t realize that Asana then created a task for that user letting them know I changed it which was funny when I had folks messaging me asking if I was up to something :sweat_smile:


I discovered having people put their real names into their name field was incredibly important because at my company, IT’s email spoofing filter would quarantine any notifications sent from your Asana account. Because the notification uses your email address instead of your name, it got flagged as a “spoofed” email. I missed tons of notifications from a particular person because he refused to update his profile settings, but when Asana granted admins the ability to update profile info, we changed it and now his notifications aren’t lost. HUGE! Sharing this because it’s an important practical reason to update your name.


@Wendy_Allen amazing, I had no idea!

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I confirmed with support that this IS NOT available for those managing a license as a division of an entire organization domain.

Here is the direct feedback I received:
…for divisional admins, it is not possible to modify the profile description of your colleagues. This functionality is only available for Admins of the entire Organisation rather than divisions. I believe the logic in place is to prevent any issues for users who are part of many divisions in a single space.